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Jawless Zombie Pet Michonne + DIY Michonne Cloak | The Walking Dead Costume Cosplay

Michonne + Jawless Zombie Pet. Need I say more!?...

Aaaaah!! So freaking stoked guys! I've been wanting to make a Michonne Walking Dead Costume Cosplay for the longest! I decided it would be awesome to make a Zombie Pet - Michonne hybrid all in one look! Now I'm not insinuating that Michonne could ever become a walker... that's just absurd, but it's fun to pretend! 

I'm going to show you how I made this homemade DIY Michonne Walking Dead Costume as well as the DIY Michonne Cloak! Michonne's cape complete with her vest, katana, dreadlocks and gloves completes the Michonne Cosplay! I hope you enjoy the video and whether you want to be Michonne, the Jawless Zombie Pets, or both this Halloween, I hope it helps!

Xo! Nap

DIY Faux Locs | Flexible + Lightweight


DIY Faux Locs | Flexible + Lightweight - Naptural85 

If you've ever wanted to try locs but were afraid of the commitment, you've got to try these faux locs! Also known as Temporary Loc Extensions, Faux locs can be extremely stiff, heavy, and uncomfortable to wear, but here's a simple method to getting your faux locs to be flexible, lightweight, and look more natural and realistic! It took me one day to install these, and I am so happy with how the feel and look! Comfortably pull your locs into a bun or updo! You can easily do anything to these faux locs that can be done to your natural hair in twists! I hope you give them a try! 
Xo! Nap
Homemade Shea Butter Cremes
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Edgy Curly Wash and Go Hairstyles + Weekly Maintenance

An Edgy Curly Wash and Go Hairstyle perfect for any occasion! This hairstyle looks great on natural hair with no definition as well as hair with lots of definition! So play up a Wash and Go, compliment a Twist Out, or just fix a failed attempt at a natural hairstyle! It looks great either way! I also show you how to maintain this look throughout the week! I hope you enjoy!

Xo! Nap



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500K THANKS + HUGE GIFT-AWAY | Naptural85 

A gift to show my appreciation! ILY!
Xo! Nap
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3 Cute + Chic Last Minute Natural Hairstyles | Naptural85

HD ME!! I'm in 1080!
3 Cute and Chic Hairstyles for your Natural Hair! If you're like me, you have a very small amount of time in the morning to get ready for the day! These 3 Chic and Cute Hairstyles are super fast and easy to complete, and will have you out the door in no time! These chic hairstyles look professional for the office, school, or really anywhere! I hope you enjoy and I hope it helps!

Xo! Nap

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My Softest + Most Defined Twist Out Technique 2014 | Natural Hair - Naptural85 

My "Signature" Twist Out Routine! So excited to finally share my detailed, step-by-step twist out routine with you! This is how I get my most defined, smooth, and soft twist out on my super curly and coily 4a natural hair! Enjoy! 

Xo! Nap


Wearable Exposed Pins Trend + DIY Decorative Bobby Pins!

A hot trend this season, is Exposed Bobby Pins! Yup, no longer are bobby pins just functional tools to be hidden in your hair and never seen, it's time to show those bad boys! This trend has been lingering for years now but has been getting more attention since its appearances on the runways! 

I'll show you a few different ways to wear exposed bobby pins for everyday style, as well as a super easy DIY on how to make your own decorative bobby pins at home from a few tools you already own!

I hope you enjoy guys! And let me know below, would you rock this style or pass, and if so, which is your favorite!?

XoXo!! Whit



Curlformers Dupe! Magic Leverage First Impression Review!

I'm pretty much obsessed with Curlformers, that's no secret! But I'm always getting questions about whether there are any Curlformer knock offs or inexpensive options, and if so, do they work or not!? So I figured it was time to test out the Curlformer Dupes called, Magic Leverage, or Vakind Magic Leverage, sold through Amazon! I was pretty shocked at the results!

This is my complete review and opinion, including First Impression! I hope you enjoy, and I hope that it helps!

XoXo!! Whit

How to Use Curlformers:

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DIY Clothing Rack!! Inexpensive Decorative and Functional | Small Spaces - StyleByNap85

I've been searching and searching and SEARCHING for a clothing rack that wouldn't take up a ton of space in my small bedroom. I searched all over the internet, IKEA, Pinterest, you name it, and I couldn't find a thing that I liked. Then I got this amazing idea to make one completely from scratch, to fit my bedroom space perfectly! 

I love this clothing rack, it has quickly become a focal point in my bedroom. Not only is it functional, but the shelving unit doubles as a decorative space to display trinkets and store my jewelry! I LOVE how this came out and I am so excited to share this tutorial with you! I hope you enjoy and definitely give it a try! If you give it a try, #StyleByNap85 on Instagram so I can see!

XOXO! Whit


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