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How To Control Frizzy Natural Hair in Humid Weather

Hey Guys!

The weather is quickly changing, getting a bit more hot, and a lot more humid! So naturally, I'm starting to get more frequent questions on how I deal with my hair in the humid weather, and how to avoid frizz, so here's my take on it all!

Once the air starts to become more dense and wet, I immediately notice my Twist Outs becoming fluffier and my Wash and Gos becoming frizzier! There's really no way to avoid it entirely, but there are some ways to make it less noticeable!

Twist Outs

For Twist Outs, I find that twisting on wet hair, especially during the Summer months, will guarantee that I get big, fluffy, undefined, and shrunken results. Which is okay if you don't mind that look... I don't mind it at all! But for those who want to try and avoid that as much as possible, you can use the Twist Out Stretching Method I've talked about in various videos to get the most length out of your hair, and to help it dry flatter.

You might also want to use a styling product while twisting your hair to help the strands behave. I use Shea Butter, which I find works really well; the density and weight of the Shea Butter helps to hold the strands in place! If my hair is really unruly, I'll use my Flax Seed Gel underneath the Shea Butter for added hold. Those two products, along with the Stretching Method should really help the hair dry flatter, with more definition, and more length!

**Hint: When boiling Flax Seed Gel, you can modify the level of hold your gel has! For MORE Hold Use LESS Water = THICKER Gel. For LESS Hold Use MORE Water = THINNER Gel.

Since it will be humid outside, you can expect the hair to shrink up by the end of the day, it's inevitable, don't fight it! At night, just secure the hair into a low bun (or two low buns if your hair is shorter) and it'll stretch it back out for the next day.

Once a couple of days have gone by and the hair starts to become frizzy and really undefined, you can re-twist the hair to start the entire Twist-Out process again! Since you'll be re-twisting on dry hair the second time around, your results will yield a more defined and stretched Twist Out that will be less susceptible to the humidity.

Wash and Gos

For Wash and Gos, it's really hard to avoid it frizzing up on you, especially if it's a last minute Wash and Go, where you're leaving the house with wet hair. However, techniques like the one I use in my Perfect Winter Wash and Go Method video, that allow the hair to dry before entering the humid climate outdoors will definitely help to keep the frizz at bay. So if you're wearing a Wash and Go, try to have the hair dry before leaving the house. If you prefer heatless styling, utilize the Perfect Winter Wash and Go Method! If you don't mind using heat, you might want to apply a frizz taming product or gel after showering, and diffuse the hair, or sit under a hooded dryer until the hair is completely dry.

However, being a girl who prefers heatless styling, I know that sometimes we can't always plan for our hair styles, and preparing our Wash and Go at night might not be a possibility. So for me, when I leave the house with wet hair, while in humid weather, the front and top of my head will sometimes become frizzy, while the back and bottom will remain defined. Again, there's really no way to fight Mother Nature on this one, but again, you can utilize a couple of products to aid in keeping your hair somewhat intact.

A stretched "Lazy Day Wash and Go" that frizzed up!For last minute Wash and Go styles, I'll massage my hair gently with a bit of my Homemade Oil Mixture, making sure that all areas have been treated, from root to ends. I'm also careful not to disturb my natural curl pattern. Then, if it's a particularly humid day, I'll follow up with a bit of Flax Seed Gel in the same manner, and some Shea Butter, focusing it on the ends of my hair. Then I'll wrap my hair into a low bun while I get dressed and prepare for the day. If my hair still isn't dry by the time I have to leave my house, I'll leave it in the bun for the car ride and shake it out when I reach my destination! From there, I have no choice but to let nature do its thing, but the light oils, gel, and Shea Butter, as well as the time my hair was drying in the low bun, definitely help the cause!

Don't Fight The Weather, Work With It!

While the techniques used above, as well as the products recommended, will help to alleviate a small amount of the frizz caused by the humidity, if you have a hair type that easily frizzes up, there's really no product out there that will help you avoid it completely. But it's all good, like I said, don't try and fight it, it's inevitable, just work with it!

On hot, humid days, instead of working your butt off fighting Mother Nature, trying to get your hair to hold that perfect curl, throw it up into a really cute high, low, or side bun! Add a cute scarf, and you're all set to go out the door! On hot days, you don't want that hair on your neck anyway, so keep it out your way, up in a cute bun where the curl pattern doesn't matter, and you won't even be bothered by any possible frizzing! Throw on a cute scarf if you need extra support in taming any flyaways and Voilà! Get ready for compliments on your easy, breezy, and chic hair-do!

So with Summer coming up, don't let the humidity get the best of your hairstyle... or your confidence! Try one of the methods above and if that doesn't work, remember that you always have the option of cute top knot buns, side ponytails, or you can even cover the head completely with a scarf for a laidback bohemian vibe!

Hope this helps, and happy styling guys!

XoXo Whit