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A Leisurely Day in The Bean

Hey Guys!

We were supposed to go to the beach today, but because it started raining, and we had to be back early, we figured we’d save it for another day and do something else! So we decided to head into Boston and hit up the art district for one of our favorite things to visit, the Artist/Farmers Markets!

%image_alt%Boston has such rich history and architecture



Every Saturday and Sunday during the summer months, artists, vendors, and farmers line the streets in the Wharf District and Harrison Ave for the SOWA Open Markets and Greenway Open Markets! It’s so much fun to walk around and view the art, jewelry, clothes, and food from local vendors. It’s like being at etsy.com, if there was a LIVE-version; it’s awesome!


Saturdays are the Greenway Open Markets, which tend to be a lot more low-key than the SOWA Open Markets on Sunday, so we didn’t really buy anything, but it was still nice to look around and enjoy the weather. I will def be going back on Sunday, there are so many goodies to check out! If you like scavenger hunts, you’ll definitely like the open markets!







%image_alt%Black Sheep Designs also shows at the Providence Open Markets! https://providenceopenmarket.com

%image_alt%Filipe keeping hydrated. It was HOT!

Afterwards, we grabbed a bite to eat at Boston Sail Loft Cafe & Bar right next to Joe’s American Bar & Grill. We usually like to eat at Joe’s, but it was super crowded and we didn’t get a good vibe that day, so we said “Peace!” and headed next door! We were so glad we did! Boston Sail Loft Cafe & Bar had great food and drinks at a ridiculously cheap price for being on the waterfront in Boston.

To drink, I ordered a Margarita, and Filipe had a Stella. For an appetizer, we split a heaping bowl of fresh mussels in a garlic, wine, and parsley sauce with lemon and butter, yummmm. And for my meal, I had the broiled Lemon-Pepper Cod sandwhich with fries an coleslaw, while Filipe had the Grilled Pesto Chicken Sandwhich with Onion Rings! We were satisfied, happy little clams! But I’ll just let the pics speak for themselves! Haha! Enjoy! <3

%image_alt%My Lemon-Pepper Cod Sandwhich! Broiled with breadcrumbs, coleslaw, and fries

%image_alt%Filipe’s Grilled Pesto Chicken Sandwhich with onion rings! Unfortunately we forgot to capture the mussels… we were too excited to eat them! lol

%image_alt%He’s happy…

%image_alt%… and stuffed!

%image_alt%Lol! Filipe wanted me to ask… would you buy flowers from this guy? Lol, comments below!

%image_alt%It’s the “Filipe-Edition” of “Where’s Waldo”… Find Filipe!

%image_alt%Found him! You sneaky cat, you!

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Well, you can't judge a book by it's cover, so yeah, I would, if the goods weren't damaged! LOL!

Boston is awesome- I've lived there since I was 11 and can't imagine living anywhere else. Glad you're liking it here and enjoy the menopausal weather (:

I absolutely LOVE your new blog, and OMG, Boston is such a beautiful city!

I soo want to go to that market and eat that same lunch…lol!!! Both looked delish!

I totally wouldve indulged in shopping.Those vintage DAV wouldve made great charms!

These are great pictures. I have a personal question I noticed Felipe is with you often is he your husband/ boyfriend

Hey Nap,

Those little plates were cute. Does the designer have a website or another way to order online?

Hey Whit!
This may seem to be an odd request but I ditto Deondra's question and, if not, want to know if you'd be willing to pick up some for me (I would totally pay you for the tags + shipping, of course!)? My husband grew up in Boston. We live in Hawaii now since he's in the military and he's currently deployed. We would absolutely LOVE these and they'd make a great gift for him once he returns next year.
I know it's weird, but please let me know! I think they're so adorable!!

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