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How I Alter My Plain T Shirts

Hey Guys!

I make a lot of videos either late at night or on days when I’m just lounging around the house, so you guys see me in t shirts a lot! Sometimes I’ll wear them out as well, if I’m feeling relaxed, or want to stay comfortable! So here’s a quick tutorial on how I alter my tees to fit my relaxed style! Hope you enjoy!

%image_alt%Plain t-shirt before it’s altered! Comfy, but not lazy enough.%image_alt%… and after! Perfect for me!%image_alt%


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Hello Whitney,

I visited YouTube and saw your videos. I was immediately hooked and kept going back. Lol, I felt as though I was addicted. Not only do I love your hair, but I love your spirit and the fact that you're down to earth. I loved the fact that to an extent, you let many of your followers into your life to get to know who you are as a person Thank you for being selfless, for educating our community, for inspirng us naturals and for being you. Thank you for the beautiful hairstyles. Wishing you continued blessings and success. Please keep the videos, forums, lessons coming lol. Much appreciated.

I thought your tshirts were just made that way! Love your style 🙂

Now how do you stop your bra straps from showing…strapless?

Hey, I'm so happy with your major move over to the blogosphere. You're so insightful and pure genius with your simply effective methods (I just ordered some flax seeds online after watching your how-to!).

There has been major responses online at a CNN article that discusses the 'skinny' about public fascination with natural and watching to touch it. I thought it would fit your alley to weigh in on your experience in one of you blog posts.

I found the details about this info at https://underabluesun.blogspot.com/

Totally love this, I'm a lounging t-shirt girl. Thanks for the inspiration! 😉 Do you happen to be on Pinterest?

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