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Beautiful Nail Polish Colors for Sun-Kissed Skin

… and by “sun-kissed” I mean brown. Lol!

Hey Guys!

So you all know that I rarely paint my nails, however, this summer I have been going CRAZY for nail polishes! Back in high school and college, I used to love painting my nails, but somewhere between college graduation and now, I lost my passion for all things girly… perhaps my focus of work made me forget how much fun it was to pamper myself!? (I’ll save that epiphany for another time and video on my second channel...)

Anyway, this summer, I have been getting down and dirty with nail polish again, and I have to say, I love it! (Although, I must admit, my nails were a lot healthier when I didn’t paint them…) So I’ve played around with a few and came across the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line; I absolutely LOVE this line of polishes!


There are a few Sally Hansen brands that I just don’t like, either the texture is too thin and runny, or the color just doesn’t look good… at all… but these brands I really do like! And it seems that almost every color is a hit!

The new trend this season was pastels, nudes, and matte colors and although I rarely follow trends, I couldn’t help but love this one! But it was really hard to find a pastel that looked right with my skin tone, and also a nude that was actually “nude” for me, lol! Meaning, a lot of times what is sold as “nude” is meant for fair skin and nothing darker.

So when I found this collection of pastels that ALL worked and even a NUDE tone that matched well with my skin tone, I knew it was blog-worthy! So check out a few of my favs from the collection!

%image_alt%This is my favorite color! It’s called “Delphinium” an it’s a beautiful pastel purple with a blue undertone:


This next color is a funky pastel teal color called “Fairy Teal.” I never really wear blue polish, but this teal-blue was so pretty!


This one below is a beautiful, soft pinky-peach color called “So Much Fawn.”


… and last but definitely not least, the nude color! Ahh! I love this polish so much! FYI, there is a polish in the collection called “Nude” or “Naked”?… can’t remember, but it’s definitely not a nude that would match my skin tone, the one below is called “Choco-Latte” and it’s the perfect match!


Aren’t these gorgeous colors!? Yea.. so I think I’ve been bit by the polish bug again, and I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun playing around with them! I usually only stick with a bright pink or a French tip, because I never find colors that work for me, so I’m so happy to find this line!


You can find the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Line at Target and Walmart! Have fun!

XoXo Whit

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I thin I've been bitten again too! I use Honeybee Gardens watercolors, which usually last about a day for me, and I don't like redoing them that often, so I've kinda just gone au naturale for a while, but summer makes me want pretty colors again πŸ™‚

I love that choco-latte! It looks beautiful on you! I've never tried a nude tone before because of the same reasons you mentioned but it looks like I need to give it another try!

Thanks for posting! I love playing around with colors, but I have a hard time finding colors that won't look like and older lady hanging on to teen years. These colors are fun yet subtle. Great for professional looks, too!

I found this thread that teaches you how to paint your nails perfectly… not everyone has that talent… Love the colors girly!

I decided to give the the Sally H. (Choco-Latte) a try and I absolutely love it. It addresses all my needs and it didn't take long to dry which is definitely a plus…. Thank you for posting!!


So I've always had a love hate relationship with nail polish. I'm pretty dark skinned and I have a very conservative style so it's hard for me to find colors that suit both my skin tone and my tastes. I was totally blown away by this post. I have used nothing but these four colors for the past YEAR. That being said, it is summer in New York again and I was wondering if you could try out a few more colors for us. I've recently tried Plum's the Word which I love but do you have any other recommendations? The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line is the only one I honestly use but I'm willing to try other brands πŸ™‚


I went through the exact same phase last year. I must have bought 20 bottles of polish. The colors were amazing just like the ones you showed. Love them all'

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