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Washing “Natural Hair” Easy Method Terressentials Organic Hair Wash

I get a ton of questions regarding how I wash my hair, if I’m using a leave-in conditioner, and if I’m still using the Terressentials Organic Hair Wash, so I knew it was time for an update, besides, some things in my wash regimen had changed!

I honestly feel like the longer my hair grows, the easier it is for me to wash.. am I crazy!? Maybe it’s gravity weighing my hair down (lmbo… yea, I wrote that…), or perhaps it’s just that I’ve finally figured out the best practices for my hair.. lol, I don’t know, but I am so grateful!

I hope this helps you too! Byee!

XoXo Whit


YIKES! That video still looked better as a small thumbnail! LOL! Hey, primpin’ aint easy! #sideeye


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I love love this new video!!! I just have to tell you that I have been natural for just a year..I transitioned and was so ready to perm my hair and stressed out when my natural buddy suggested rod setting!! It worked great and I loved it until the humidity hit!!:-( I was doing some research for some other options and came across your twist out video..I tried it one weekend and I loved it..I eventually got better!! I have just recently started using the ter shampoo..I loved it and it worked wonders…I just tried following your updated wash…OMG that ACV rinse was amazing!!!!!!!! My curls were never so well defined and after I finished washing my hair it felt great!!! I am a huge fan and appreciate your putting yourself out there it is truly much appreciated!! Keep up the good work!!!!!! 🙂 My hair is so healthy and has grown a lot these past 4 months!

Hi, First of all, I love your videos! I was wondering:

What do you do to re-moisturize your hair during the week?
What do you use to detangle before the ACV rinse step?

Hi Whitney (hope I spelled this right)
Been natural for a while now, but have not been taking care of my hair for most of the life of my natural "journey". Then I discovered YOUTUBE almost two years ago, and learned so much from the naturals there and what I was doing wrong (more like what I wasn't doing at all). So I decided to Big Chop and start all over. In less than 18months my hair had grown back to its original length!! Thanks to all the information, videos, and tutroials from dedicated naturals like yourself, I was able too not only grow my hair, but it is sooo much healthier. I am still learning each day and after watching your videos more and more, I decided that minimal is key for me. Like you, I hated wash days because it took up my whole day, and I just don't have the patience for it anymore. And not to mention the moiturizing and styling. Needless to say my hair has suffered to a small extent. I want to adopt some of the routines you have mastered. The first is the "shampooing" or cleansing portion of your hair routine. I've read that you use the terraessentails mud wash and ACV rinse to cleanse and clarify your hair. I bought some bentanite clay a while ago and wanted to know if I can use this in place of the mud wash. I want to use it up if possible before puchasing the mud wash. I will also be adopting your shea butter and shea cream mixes to help with moisture. I don't wear my hair out much (mostly keep it under a wig or in braids/twist extensions).

I hate to say that sometimes I go for nearly 2 weeks before washing my hair simple because I hate and dred the process. So I'm confident that the less complicated the routine and the less products I use, the healthier (and the longer) my hair will be. I actually have quite a few of the ingredients you utilize to make your homemade hair products and plan to put them into good use again. I have watched your updated video on how you wash your hair and want to give this a try. I'm not sure if you have answered this question before as this is the first time I'm following your blog (actually this is my first time ever using a blog and hope I'm doing this right lol), but can you let me know about your input on the bentonite clay? Thanks much and happy hair journey.

What is a good conditioner to use after I wash my hair? Or should I say a deep conditioner?

I recently went to a salon to get my hair straightened and trimmed to see my growth. Well, unfornately the blower dryer she used was super hot and it basically took some of my curl pattern out. Do you have any suggestions of helping my damaged hair get its curl pattern back, with out having to chop again?

( i did my chop in 8/2012 – only 3 inches though)

Hi Whitney,
Boy I have been following you and are a true admirer of your hair journey. Hopefully you can help me!!!! I have been natural for two years and my hair has grown some. I am happy about the growth but I prefer healthy hair because I know that healthy hair will grow. My hair is super thin and I would like to know what can I use to thicken it up. Do your hair grow better with protective styles or out with wash and gos. Please help me out!! Oh yeah the baby is adorable

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