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Hazy Day Beauty

Hey Guys!

What’s up!? This weekend Filipe and I managed to head out to the beach, although, it wasn’t for your conventional sun-in-the-fun, sand castle-building, type of day. It was raining, and I wanted to catch some images of the haze over the ocean.

The ocean is so peaceful, beautiful, and atmospheric when it’s raining and I didn’t want to miss this photo-opt! I’m going to try and convert these images into beautiful framed panels for my new apartment! I love a good crafts project and working with my hands; nothing like one-of-a-kind, homemade art for your walls! I might record the process if you guys are interested… anyway, for now, enjoy the pics!


The different shades of gray and blue are so beautiful and subtle.




Filipe is my official “Beach Tour Guide.” He loves climbing the rocks, diving into the waves, and catching crabs. Lol, he reverts back to “Filipelito” (Little Filipe), and I think it reminds him of his childhood.


“Filipelito” about to lift a rock in hopes of finding a family of crabs…


Haha! He found a bunch of crabs! Here’s one that just couldn’t crawl away fast enough… Filipe holds.. I snap the photo. Those crabs creep me out! They look like gigantic spiders, yuuck!… Aww, but cute spiders…


So every time we go to the beach, I have to force myself not to take home rocks… needless to say, I have many beach rocks at home, and there’s just no room for more.

But I absolutely LOVE beach rocks! Look at that color (in person it’s so much more vibrant!) But the color palettes you find in nature are so beautiful! Mother Nature, you are a GENIUS with those Pantone Swatches girl!

I wanted to take home the large green and tan marbled rock above, but it was too heavy to lift… lucky rock. I’ll be back for you with my forklift next week.. sleep with one eye open.


Seriously, these photos do the actual color palette no justice. Just imagine everything, richer and brighter.


And of course, I have to show you what the humidity and rain did to my hair, lol! I was wearing a stretched wash and go without product, and the humidity just plumped everything up! Hey, at least my hair was nice and moisturized… no complaints here!





Reader Comments

Love your blog and vlog! I think you are my hair twin (you hair looks similar to and behaves like mine). I've linked a couple of your vids. The humidity didn't do too much damage, it still looks cute!

Your hair looks absolutely beautiful. I would have thought you intentionally wanted it to look like that. I love the beach when the sun is not out. It looks as calming as you say and just beautiful. I love the rain so I need to visit the beach on these kind of days. Crabs creep me out too Go Felipe!! Great photos!

Nice photos and your hair looks amazing, girl! My hair doesn't have any curl pattern unless I twist it. It looks like your last video with big twist before you shampooed it. Glad I found your blog, I love it, keep up the good work.

These pictures are so beautiful! And I completely understand what you mean about the colors of nature. The vibes are so unadulterated and pure. The other day I was looking at some flowers on the bench next to me as I waited for the bus, and I couldn't help thinking that the blossom with a few leaves would make the most gorgeous earrings.

I love your lifestyle and your desire to connect with nature! I'm been feeling more and more like this with each passing year, but I will admit, I'm a little afraid of the change–just leaving everything behind to enter this new life. It requires dedication. I don't know anyone who feels the same and it would be a difficult transition alone and/or without a guide. I'm a college student working part-time, and living at home where I share a room with my sister, so there really isn't much room (literally, but also in terms of time and money) for the pursuit…

BUT, you're definitely an inspiration in everything that you are. I feel like there are parts of who you that I'm striving to be and I might not be there yet, but I'm hanging on because I know maturing takes time. There's a time for everything and que sera, sera. <3 <3

i luv those photos they r absolutely amazing and it makes me miss the country and all the open spaces of nature. Can't see beauty like that living in a rural city

love the beach pictures and your hair is fabulous. it just fits…the beach, the elements, natural, relaxation.

Gurl those rocks are nice and the beach is very hazy looking. Thats not mother nature no such thing, its the Creator Himself. Jesus!

Those photos are absolutely breathtaking. You and your husband have a talent for taking pics, am i giving him credit when it is only due you? 😛 Not only are the scenes beautiful, you captured them perfectly.

The overcast beach photos are so serene. I was just gazing at the overcast today with my family, and how the road disappears into the skyline kissing the hills and blending up to the varying shades of grey blue sky. I wished I was a painter! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to reflect what I saw so beautiful today! Helped me to think of my eighth happy thought of the day for my journal entry 🙂 BTW, love the rocks, cute crabs and fluffy hair shots! Would love to see a crafts video, your vlogs are so creative and fun!

These pics are absolutely amazing. They make me want to take a ride with my husband and daughter to the beach and find some rocks of my own. Very inspirational and please do record the process. Oh and BTW your hair looks p e r f e c t girl, humidity puffed and all! 🙂

we went to the beach over the weekend too! Sand got EVERY WHERE!!! But you and the hubby look wonderful as usual.


What a great way to wake up on my birthday! A blog from my fav blog/vlogger. 🙂 I follow you on YouTube (I'm 143living) and you inspired me through my transitioning process (now 100% naturalista). Keep up the good blogs girl!

Great photos!! Love the comment about your husbands childhood connection – sweet! And you know what? I found out about the humidity plumpin thing this weekend here in Maryland. It rained a lot and I had to go out, by the end of the night my twist out looked very similar to yours!! So…I get it, but I like it!!

Keep on keepin on…

Stretched wash and go?!?! Is there a video on that? My shrinkage is so aggressive and my hair gets super dry (on like a crunchy level) if I wash and go even if I put shea butter in 🙁

I would love for you to do a tutorial on how you plan to turn your pictures into art for your apartment. I'm trying to be more of a DIYer. I wanna go to the beach now and ditto what the other posters said, the hair looks awesome.

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