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Mission Go-Natural Update: Guess Who

Hey Guys!

Some of you may remember the original “Mission Go-Natural” plea video, where I asked you all to do me a BIG favor! I wanted to surprise my best friend with a video full of love and support that could reach her all the way in Virginia. She was contemplating going natural, but was on the fence with it because she didn’t know if she would like it, or if her family/friends around her would approve… (and it’s hard to go natural when there’s so many people against your decision.) 

So I reached out to my Youtube fam and asked you all to give her some words of encouragement so she could see that she was not alone! And boy-oh-boy, did you ever! Unfortunately, I had to re-upload the original video, and lost all of the original comments… (but, I did save them in my external hard-drive! C’mon now, I can’t just delete the love like that!) But since I re-uploaded, there have been many more inspiring words of encouragement to view on that original video for anyone thinking about going natural or transitioning!

I recently uploaded an update to the “Mission Go-Natural” series, since a lot of you were wondering how Narda was doing in her journey! So for those of you who may not know what I’m blabbering about, I’ve included the first two videos in the series as well.. Enjoy!!

XoXo Whit

Mission Go-Natural:

Mission Go-Natural is Success!:

Mission Go-Natural Update: Guess Who!:

Reader Comments

i saw your vid with the update of your friend….she looks great….I waited until I was 51 to go natural and now I will be 53 next week….never too late and I wont be going back……Narda keep up the journey sis….

Thanks for sharing. BTW Natural 85, what kind of camera do you use for your updates? The quality is really nice!

I'm a natural and I just want to say I'm not bias, but Narda's hair looks much better natural than straight! She is beautiful!!! Love her ringlets of curls….desire to inspire others! Never turning back either! Been wearing my hair natural since 1998 and so excited to see more women finding out the health benefits and diverse styling options we have being natural. Our natural curl pattern is not a trend. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! I'm just glad more people are accepting themselves and really appreciating their true beauty! We are unique and no one has hair like us on this earth. We need to really embrace it! We are all designed originals no matter what texture you have! :?)

Narda looks fantastic, and I agree with the first comment, YOUNGER! Love her smile! Doesn't feel good to be free?

Woohooo, Narda welcome to the family of Naturals. Your hair looks beautiful and healthy. I am proud of you and wish you much love, success and peace on this wonderful journey. I've been natural for a few years and it has been one of the most exciting and rewarding decision I made in my young lifetime. I just thank God everyday that I've come to a place in my life where I truly accept the way he made me and not what society's says I should look like. Embrace this place in your life everyday.

Seriously, thank you for this video. I was on the idk if im going to do the big chop and cut my hair but after watching this, it made me make the decision instantly that I would and I don't regret it at all. Love your blog and your youtube page, you hav ereally helped me

In my sophmore year at Hampton University, I became a music minor and my instrument was piano. While looking over naptural85 blog, I realized that I went to school with her best friend Narda! I remember that she was a fantastic pianist and an inspiration since I had seen so few women of color who were classical pianist. Since graduating, I'm still playing and learning more everyday, and I've also recently gone natural. Coming across this was serendipitous!

So glad i came across your blog and narda's hair is absolutely amazing. I just started the natural hair journey but still have the permed bit on its been 6months and am so scared of cutting it, its like my safety nest so i can always run back to the permed world if i cant do this. but this video has helped reassure me i'm making the right choice. the transition is scary but am totally looking forward to it.


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