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My Relationship With Hair Products | Quick Hello!

Hey Guys,

With hair care there’s no right or wrong, it’s all about what suits YOU best! With that being said, I get so many questions about products! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone tell me they were confused because there are so many products out there!

I wanted to make this video to talk about my relationship with products and how I’ve learned to deal with the abundance of information out there! I think products should be fun to play with and sometimes people get so stressed out about which ones to use that the fun has totally diminished! I do think it has a lot to do with marketing telling us that we need these products to look good, when in fact, we don’t! We need these products just about as much as we need to paint our nails… does it enhance our look, yes… but did our hands look horrific without the coat of polish? No!

So I say enjoy products at your leisure! They should be a luxury instead of a necessity… and most importantly, it should be FUN to play with products every now and then… not a chore…

Just my thoughts and my experience, hope you guys enjoy!

XoXo Whit

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I agree. Too many of us are running around like headless chickens in search of the perfect products. I prefer to use my own shampoos, twist mix, and an amazing hair oil blend and am working on my own conditioner, but I am a sucker for commercially-made deep conditioners. I've got different textures on my head, so a lot of the products that are most widely used simply don't work for me. Plus, learning how to make my own is so much fun and so much cheaper than buying ready-made. And, if a ready-made went under, then what? My biggest piece of advice, grab your fave ready-made products and learn how to replicate them!

I do believe that most naturals were product junkies at one time or another, especially when we were newly natural, as we were trying to find what worked for us and our beautiful textures. I personally remembered experimenting with numerous products, spending a lot of money and sometimes only using a small portion my purchase. I remembered having brand after brand of products in my cabinet because i was always trying to find what worked best, moisturized best, what defined my curls best, etc. Today, I am free. I no longer follow the big hype about products and I consider that a great milestone. I use one haircare line because it meets my needs and that is it. I love natural oils, so I buy them in variety to mix with Shea butter for my skin depending on the season and the needs of my skin. As for those products i used to store in my cabinets, I have more space because I have blessed some newly natural friends with them. I no longer need a variety of products and haven't felt the desire to continue to spend money experimenting. The bottom line is that with everything in life, we should just keep it simple, do what works best for us.

This is a Breathtaking video! Thanks somuch..This is a great way to view our relationship with products. It should be fun! And I often tell people that its more about techniques we use for our hair and not so much as the products we are using. And I've noticed that a lot of these products have very similar ingredients in them. So find which ingredients your hair like and just settle on that. Shea butter, Glycerin, and water is almost in every single natural product, and maybe protein.(which we can get through food) so this def keeps it simple for me. This is why I love your videos. Thank you so much. (The Cat Scene Hilarious) YOu can tell you love them, the one who almost scratched your face almost went flying!

P.S. Whitney, I tried your stretch method for drying twists and it worked!!!! I got an extra 2-3 inches out of my twist out. Not much body, but this is only the first day! Thank you!

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