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Oh, A Camping We Will Go…

Hey Guys!

As promised, here are some pictures from my weekend camping trip with my family! So, my mom swore she would never go camping, but my sister is super sneaky and lured her in with tickets to a weekend jazz festival and wine tasting! Little did my mom know, but the venue was two hours away and so we would be camping over night in my sister’s cabin in the woods, lol! Poor mom! She packed more items on this trip than I’ve seen her pack for a week-long vacation to Florida, LOL! Including two cots!! Haha, way to rough it mom… I was going to tweet a picture of all of her luggage, but I decided not to… don’t want to hurt mom’s feelings! Love you mom! You’re too cute!



Here’s the campfire Filipe built with my sister, my dad, and my sister’s husband! It was actually a pretty good fire, they’ve got skills! (You know, like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills…)



Of course, we had to make s’mores… no campfire experience is complete unless your burning the hair off your arm, reaching into a fire-pit to melt a marshmallow…


Even though it was a little warm, you definitely have to make sure you’re fully covered in the woods… tick bites are no-joke! This ensemble definitely belongs on Chictopia.com… 50 Chic Points, thank you!!

For my hair, I just kept it in the bantu knot twists, underneath the hat, and pulled out two in the front… I had a satin scarf underneath the hat to protect my hair and just slept in the scarf for the night.

In the morning, we had to get ready for the jazz festival, so I took out the bantu knots, and my twists were super curly! I just put them all up into a ponytail with two curlies in the front! Unfortunately, this is not the best view due to the focus lens, but you get the point… it was super shiny and had lots of moisturize!


… and here’s a better view of the back!


I had to include this adorable picture of my nephew! Filipe took this one!! <3


Hope you enjoyed the pictures guys! And I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I’ll talk to you all soon!

XoXo Whit

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AHH whit! I enjoy going camping too but our camping is a bit different. I go back home to the isnands to go camping and we have it a bit rougher w/ no outdoor plumbing for a week and a gallon of water per day but you get the feel! YAY for camping!!

I loved camping as a child! Must return to it in my adulthood. It gives you a chance to get back to nature and leave technology behind.

I cut my hair in 1998 never looked back to chemicals! I felt really free for so many reasons.

love it. great blog, I always went hiking, never camped away from home. If it's anything like hiking camping is fun. Thanks for sharing.

Too cute! I want some smores now lol! Yummy!

Your hair looks GREAT as usual! I miss my camping days…they were so fun! Glad you had a great time!


Of course camping isn't also complete without taking in the sunset or sunrise as you inhale the fresh air and enjoy that vast silence around you. Loving it!

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