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Simple “Natural Hair” Styles For Back-to-School and Office

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can't wait for my to reach that length^^
great video by the way and i love the music, stevy mahy is a wonderful artist =)

Girl, I love you. For real (you know sisterly love). Your hair is just so amazing. Is the shea butter how you got it to be so shiny? You had a beautiful shiny head of hair when relaxed so I wonder if it is just your hair. I plan to make that mix tonight for me and my daughters hair. I hope her hair grows more. I think I may be doing something wrong though. It is starting to break more and shed more. I feel kind of bad. I hope the shea adds the moisture she needs and revive it. Even though my hair is short and I love it like this, I look at your vids and decide to go ahead and do the long thing. I show everyone your vids and say look. And it encourages them too. Keep it up!

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