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Pre-Natural Days | My Relaxed Hair!

Hey Guys!

I get a lot of inquiries about how my hair used to look before I went natural, so decided to dig up some old pictures from my past! I do have a “Natural Hair Journey Video,” but I thought it would be fun to post some additional pictures here on my blog for you guys! Oh the memories…


It’s weird, I barely recognize that girl anymore…



Now here’s where I start to hate my straight hair and love wearing my hair curly! I wore my hair curly for pretty much my entire senior year of college!


Here are some pictures of me around the one year mark after my BC! Even though I wanted my hair to grow, I really didn’t mind it short! It was so different than any other style I had ever worn; I loved it!



OH! Ooooh…. look what I found!…


Hahaha! This was when we first brought home our kittens, Chubs and Bella, over four years ago! They’re sisters from the same litter. Can you guess who the rambunctious one on top is… ? Haha! Yup, that’s Chubs, she’s always been feisty! Love my babies!!


… heart… melting…


XoXo Whit

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You were so pretty with relaxed hair…but GORGEOUS with your big, full, shiny natural hair! 😀

Love the pics! Your hair was lovely straight, but I like it much better now. It's just AWESOME curly. Quite inspirational. And cute baby pics of Chubs and Bella 😉

wow. i had the same experience as you. my relaxed hair even looked the same as yours and i would always get the questions, but it never bothered me. but, i never hesitated from getting it wet or being active. once my hair was straight, it was STRAIGHT. i couldn't get it to hold a curl or even frizz. that's why i went natural. i never really liked it straight and always loved curls.

You are so beautiful! With your natural, you are 100 times moreso. Lovely. There is a different kind of beauty our natural hair brings out in us. We have these large, beautiful facial features and our hair was MADE to showcase all of that. Our unique beauty (I say unique, because nobody else has curls like ours) is so powerful and striking. I'm happy to see more of us embracing it. I am LIVING for you youtube videos right now. lol

I have similar pictures. of long straight hair like yours. Then I got some where you can tell where my bangs were thinning. As your pictures show you looked happier with the natural tresses, same as I. Love the feeling. Mine is still short, (BC12/10/10) So cant wait till it gets longer… growing so fast as it is. Thanks for the encouragement.

Awwwww. I LOVE this. You are just gorgeous no matter what you decide to do. But I'm so in love with your natural hair – STUNNING 🙂 Cute family and I just love those lil kittens.

Thank for sharing your journey. Funny I enjoyed your before and after pictures. Your hair at least from viewing the pictures sure looked way healthier than mine in relaxer days. I could take that you took good care of it. The main thing is that you feel free, so the "lye" had to go. WooHoo for freedom.

I LOOOOVEE E your pics whit! love them!! From beginning to end. Either way ur hair looks fab!

You really do look like a different person in the old photos! I can't quite figure out how best to put this, but seeing you with your curly hair vs. your permed days, it's just so clear that you look how you "should" look, now that you're not relaxed any more. You're beautiful either way, but somehow the curls just look so much more…right, I guess. I guess that why our hair grows out of our heads this way, huh?

Love the video. I've had relaxed hair the majority of my life but I've been transitioning for about 11 months now and though I'm limited by the types of styles I can wear, I'm starting to love the curly texture of my hair. Thanks to your YouTube channel and channels like yours I've learned a lot about how to manage my new texture. Keep up the great work. Your hair is gorgeous.

That pretty much what I did for the last 2-3 years of having my hair relaxed. I never liked straight hair. I always wanted big fluffy curls.
I love the pics of your cats, I miss my baby when she was a tiny baby.

I wanted to know how you achieved that pattern with your shorter hair. Is that a flat twist out or two-strands twists? Also, did you twist every night? Although your videos are articulate and detailed, I still can't follow them closely because of the difference in my length to your current length…
Thanks in advance!!

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