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How To Detangle “Natural Hair”

Hey Guys,

After receiving a lot of questions about my de-tangling method, I realized that my last de-tangling video was posted October 10, 2009! Since my hair has grown a lot since then (two years ago!!) I felt the need to update everyone with how I go about attacking my hair currently, with my new length and new products…

Keep in mind, this is how I de-tangle my hair when I’ve let it go for far too long, usually after wearing multiple wash-and-gos. Also, this method can be used to de-tangle before a wash, or to transition into another style. I will usually do this detailed method when transitioning into another style.

I hope this helps!

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I've seen your new length! I hope you do a length check soon! Its been forever since they last one.

I am starting the transition process, but my hair is natural. I am now doing no heat and just oils, shea butter ans water fir my hair. My hair is very thick and after washing not too pretty, what us the best after wash way to take care of the hait? Should i comb it out or leave it?!

Thank you for your time!!

I've had a horrible time with keeping my hair detangeled. So much that I would just cut the knots out sometimes. I started using this product called Hair Tease about 6 months ago and I love it! My hair is much more manageable after I wash it and it doesn't break off when I comb it. It's pretty much replaced my regular conditioner. I haven't seen my hair this healthy since I was a kid. You can check it out here… https://www.thehairtease.com

Nice, but the best way to remove and detangle, matted hair, knots and tangles is by using the Take Down Remover cream. It really softens the hair and prevents breakage with detangling your hair.

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