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Turning Over A NEW Leaf

So there’s a confession I need to make… and some of you may already know this, but… I’m a coffee addict! **GASP** I know, I know… I’m ashamed.

My love of coffee is ridiculous! I started drinking it my junior year of college and have been addicted ever since. I actually remember the very first moment that I tasted and fell in love with coffee:

I was involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities, including dance and track, worked an hour away from my dorm during the week and on the weekends, not to mention being an art student… (that means you LIVE in the Art Building… Art students shouldn’t even waste money on campus housing… just bring a cot and sleep next to your easel, you’ll be alright…)

Well, it was before my American Poetry class (of course… booorinnng) that I decided enough was enough! If I was going to make it through this class, I would need some help! So I marched down to the cafeteria and picked up the largest, most-obnoxious cup of coffee I could find! And as I sipped on it throughout my class, I slowly began to feel…. awake!? I actually made it through the entire class without one droopy eye, nor that embarrassing body twerk that happens when you fall asleep sitting up! Ahhh, I was so excited!! And as I looked down at my cup of coffee, my eyes widened to the realization that this was the magical potion that I’ve been looking for!

After class ended, I raced down campus towards my dorm room… not because of excitement, but because my body was full of caffeine! I couldn’t slow my legs down if I tried! I passed by friends yelling out to me, “Hey Whitney! Where you off to!?” and replied, “…can’t talk now! Gotta Goooooo…!” as my legs traveled farther and farther away.

Finally in my dorm room, I looked down at my clothes sprawled everywhere and the cluttered mess that I had been too tired to clean for the past week. I didn’t even think twice! I got to work and my room was spotless in twenty minutes! It was a miracle! I called my mom and told her about my experience!

That was the day coffee permanently entered my life. I got more done in that one day than I was able to for weeks previous! Anyway, why do I tell you this? Because to this day, I am still in love with coffee. It has gotten to the point where sometimes if I am too tired to get out of bed, all I have to think is “… the faster you get out of bed, the faster you can drink coffee!” Lol, and I’m up in flash!

**The “Don’t Think I’m Supporting Coffee-holism” Disclaimer: Now there was a time during my senior year of college that I was over working my self and downing waaay too much coffee and no water. I ended up in the hospital for a couple of days, and since then have learned that too much coffee is a bad thing. If I find myself drinking coffee everyday for weeks on end, I’ll stop drinking it for a week or so to make sure my body is balanced.**

Anyways… long story short… I love coffee.

This week, however, I ran out of coffee and decided that I should use this coffee-less time to introduce something a little bit more healthy into my diet. I’ve started replacing my usual cup of coffee with a cup of Green Tea! Now, don’t get it twisted.. I will still drink coffee, but I’m going to try to start drinking green tea in place of my morning “cup-of-joe” at least twice a week.

Does green tea give me that “Best Part of Waking Up” moment? Not yet… I definitely miss my coffee…


Then why drink it? Green tea has a lot of health benefits!


It’s great for your heart health, improves digestion, and stimulates your brain functionality. It’s packed with tons of antioxidants, which help to boost your immune system, protecting your body from multiple diseases, diabetes, obesity, and many forms of cancer. It also helps to speed up your metabolism, which can help you shed a few pounds over time, and improves the elasticity and complexion of your skin!

So yea… I’m gonna hit up the green tea for a while!

I’ve tried to drink more green tea in the past, but have failed because I was trying to drink it at night. Well, some nights I would forget, and then the whole thing would be ruined… But I think if I try drinking a cup in the morning instead of my usual cup of coffee, I won’t be as apt to forget, since drinking coffee in the A.M. has become such a ritual for me.

So, here’s to trying: so-far, so-good! And if you’re a coffee-holic like me, or even if you’re not… try substituting your usual “cup-of-joe” in the morning with a cup or two of green tea instead and test out the benefits for yourself!

XoXo Whit

For more information on the benefits of Green Tea, click here!


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Never really been a fan of coffee so I can't really relate to the post, but your nails are gorgeous. What color is that?

LOL!!! I just made a nice hot cup of coffee, sat down at my computer, and pulled up your blog. I love coffee too, and it's not even about the taste really (although it's not bad), but it's about the feeling of holding the cup…the smell…the billows of smoke coming up from the cup…the whole coffee culture thing. Oh, yeah…I can't forget the burst of energy and mental clarity I get (albeit brief) after drinking it. Yep, I'm right there with ya LOL!

I'm with you! My coffee wakes me up and gets me going! Without it, I'm a grumpy mess! I do drink green tea during the day and really like it. However, replace my irresistible coffee????? Nope!

I LOVE COFFEE!! But, I'm trying to be healthier, so I'm going to try and incorporate green tea more and coffee less. When I say healthier, I prep my coffee with white sugar and creamer. I'm trying to reduce any unnecessary calories. I make my tea with raw honey only. And, I found a box of 100 bags of Chinese Green Tea at TJMaxx for $6! Good luck, all!

I can definitely relate to your coffee addiction. I just started a few months ago because of grad school but I'm trying to cut back. Thank you for the laughs about sleeping next to your cot, I'm getting a degree in architecture and I spend more time in studio than my own place! Good luck with the green tea and coffee!


I love coffee too!! your story is similar to mine. I been drinking coffee sense I was about 17 though. My dad use to wait until my mom was out of the kitchen when I was younger, and give me sips of his coffee.I love coffee too. I have green tea, I know it's packed with such a healthy pow wow and still I don't like the taste of it.
I know I need to upgrade that seriously. I have found that drinking it with honey to sweeten it makes it taste good, so I've been doing that, I need to drink it more often. Great Blog Whitney!!

I am also a coffee-holic, but in an effort to try an be heathier I switched to tea. I found a tea that has the same amount of caffine as a cup of coffee at teavana and it tastes like chocolate. Its not the same coffee buzz, but it does the trick!

I'm the exact opposite. I love tea! But not so much hot. I cold brew, orange pekoe, green and black tea. I believe I drink pretty close to a 2 or 3 quarts a day! I never drink water just whats in the tea. I'm pretty sure too much of anything can be bad for you … but so far I haven't had any noticeable problems.

@Angela, You described me and my liking for coffee to a T! LOL I've been drinking green tea for a few years now and love it. The added digestive properties from green tea were beneficial for me. I drink my green tea plan with no sugar with my breakfast. As they always say, everything in moderation. πŸ™‚

Absolutely hilarious!

Hello, my name its Tracey. I too am addicted to caffeine. I love, love, love tea. Primarily British Blend, but will drink any kind if Britisn Blend is not available. I will drink coffee also if I smell it and have ben known to drink a coke first thing in the AM. My story: I've been drinking tea since I was approx 8 years old and the rest is history. πŸ™‚ I do admit that I don't drink as much as I used to. Because one, I like you had to detox after suffering an bladder infection (not drinking water). Second, I gave up caffeine for lent two years in a row. Let me tell you how that helped me ”kick the habit” after having gone through withdrawal for 40 days and 40 nights. LOL!!! I have ben in full control now for at least 5 years. πŸ™‚ …This is a cute blog.

I love coffee too. Every since I was about 10, my mom and grandmother had me making coffee for them. I vowed never to drink the stuff when I was younger but I'm hooked. However I've cut back on this habit alot. I was drinking about 1 cup a day sometimes 2. But now it's weekends only and just 1 cup in the morning. But being in grad school and working full time as well sure does make me go into withdrawals for a cup to get through the homework sometimes during the weekday. I wish you much luck Whitney. By the way, I did watch your hair trimming video and I tried it myself the next day. Turned out pretty good if I say so myself. Thanks so much.

Hey there you ever thought about writing.. u seem to be a very good story teller lol..Anyways I am not a coffee person I drink it off and on but can't remember the last time I did. I am a tea person though. Being from the Caribbean many parents here make their kids drink a hot cup of tea in the morning before they go off to school. in my home you could not leave unless you drank tea and so I guess I started drinking tea from birth until now. I drink about three cups or more a day. I can't remember a day I went without it. I drink green tea black tea and sometimes I even drink what we call Bush Tea. [tea from certain bushes around].

I love tea and coffee but drink coffee in small amounts because I'm caffeine sensitive. Don't be fooled though, coffee has excellent health benefits as well. It is high in antioxidants just like tea, and can help prevent type 2 diabetes in women. That is of course if you don't saturate your coffee with sugar and fat. The only thing is it has a higher concentration of caffeine. Recent studies show coffee is actually good for you, just drink no more than one to two cups a day. So, you don't have to say goodbye, just drink plenty of water, and remember, moderation is the key. πŸ™‚

Whitney, if you feel bad about your coffee lust, try drinking mushroom coffee. I've been drinking it for about a year and you honestly can't taste that it's not real coffee, nor does it taste like mushrooms. There are lots of different brands, but I prefer http://www.ganobrand.com. I drink the plain and flavored versions, and they are so smooth and silky and taste just like the real thing. I got hooked on this while visiting a flea market. A vendor was there selling it.

I'm the opposite of you and well my family too. Coffee makes me sleepy. Weird huh? My guess is that my body reacts more to the heat of the coffee vs. the caffeine. So if I'm sleepy and I drink coffee, I just get sleepier. Good for you on the green tea. I've heard good benefits about it too.

I have never been a fan of coffee .I dont drink it either.People think iam wierd i love the smell though not just the taste.I start my morning with green smoothies.Give me lots of energy which i can,t keep up with lol! and its healthy.

I don't know how ppl drink coffee…I hate it, lol!!!….I use Bigalow organic green tea, [it's helped with my tummy area, too ;)]….Good luck on your new "Tea" journey!

You must see the movie Kicking and screaming or just watch the part where Will Farrell becomes addicted to coffee. It is the funniest thing ever! I like the way coffee smells (the beans), I like the idea of Starbucks. However, sometimes when I drink coffee I have weird reactions: i.e. dilated pupils, palpitations and such.

I just started doing the same thing. Now I try to drink a cup of green tea every morning and during the day drink either herbal teas or white tea. It's not the same as coffee, but I'm sure it'll come with time lol

Hi Whitney,

What I'm about to say will probably shock you but… I'm a bit of a genetic oddity in that when I drink coffee it actually makes me tired. I discovered this when I was in high school and working (more like learning) in a medical lab. I worked LONG days so I gave coffee a try. As I would sit in front of the sterile fume hood yawning I would think, "How can this be? I just had a bunch of coffee."

So needless to say I was never much of a coffee-holic. The only time that I did truly rely on it was when going through my officer commissioning program and getting two hours of sleep a night. At that time the sugar-laden machine-dispensed coffee "drinks" were the only thing that kept me from falling asleep while standing up. I know now that had more to do with the sugar than any form of caffeine they contained.

I do really dig green tea though. I drink it every morning and I know that it's helped with my complexion and generally feeling alert. I really enjoy it with stevia (or honey or a little organic sugar in a pinch) and citrus juice. I've read in several reputable medical forums that the citrus intensifies the beneficial effects as well. Maybe try that one morning. πŸ™‚

Good luck on your journey!

hi whit – love the coffee post – it worked for me till senior year when I had too many all nighters and it seemed to then make me more sleepy. I have since moved to a coffee alternative that you might be interested in if you want the smell of coffee with less caffeine, and have a milder stimulant in your system.

Here is a link to the product :

I take 2 tbs of this and pour hot water, then i add 1-2 tsp of molasses and sometimes some almond milk, almond extract or hazelnut extract — smells awesome, a little agave or a few drops of stevia and i feel like im drinking coffee!

Blessings – would love to see if you try it and do a review ;0
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Hey, this is off topic, however, I LOVE your hair in the pics from the coffee/green tea post. Is that a wash n go using your method or a twist out? Thanks!

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