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Perfect Winter Wash and WHAT!?

Hey Guys!

So on my last upload, “The Perfect Winter Wash and Go” I received a lot of questions on why I considered that style a Wash and Go instead of a twist out. I answered a couple of the comments, but realized that I couldn’t answer them all, so decided to post my response here.

I agree, it is definitely a twist out, no disagreements here! However, for me, it’s also a Wash and Go. If any of you know me, you know that I wash my hair in twists 9 out of 10 times. It’s what I’ve always done, so every time I wash my hair, It’ll be in twists. Does that mean I can never wear a wash and go because my hair will always be in twists?

There’s not one definition of a wash and go. My personal definition, is when I can wash my hair and immediately leave the bathroom. No styling, no fuss, just time saved. And I feel like that’s what I did in this instance. I washed my hair and didn’t have to re-comb it, no products, no scrunching.. just went on my business. I just happen to prefer to wash my hair while in twists. The twists are so big that I don’t get that zig zag pattern of a twist out anyway, it just helps to stretch my natural pattern.

Let me ask this question: If I wash my hair and then put it into a bun for 30 minutes to let it dry, do I have to call it a “Bun-out”? Or if I wash my hair and then stretch it using a diffuser, do I have to call it a “Diffuse-out” or “Wash and Diffuse”? Lol, you see my point…? They all fall under the term “wash and go”, there are so many different versions…

My definition of a twist out includes combing the hair to stretch it out and to get rid of the natural pattern, applying a product, and re-twisting in sections to adapt a new pattern. That’s just how I view it, we’re all different.

In this instance and this style, even though my hair was in twists after I washed, I feel more connected to the word “Wash and Go” than the word “Twist Out,” simply because I didn’t feel like I did what I would traditionally do to achieve my version of a twist out. My definition of a twist out will be different from the next person’s; that doesn’t make it wrong and it doesn’t make it right… it just is.

I did this style again, and completed it in 30 minutes; 30 minutes! I mean, that’s crazy! I’ve seen a traditional wash and go that could take a woman an hour and a half to complete. So why is it that their wash and go is more “wash and go-ier” than this version, when this takes less time?

I’m not writing this because I want you to call it a “wash and go,” trust me, it doesn’t matter to me. I would’ve just not responded, but I received so many questions about it that it got me thinking… why is it so important to figure out what it should be called, that we go back and forth on it? To me, it can be both! But why do we as people always need to be “right” and prove others to be “wrong” in hair care? Can’t we just say “hmm, interesting perspective”

I think everyone has their own definition of styling and hair care, and there’s no way that everything can always fit it into this perfect little box… there are way too many different points-of-view on this earth, we’d be going back and forth forever, lol!

Anyway, it’s like I’ve said before, in my world, there’s no rules to hair care. I like to mix it up constantly, which is why I hardly ever do a wash and go the same way, (except this version, because I LOVE it!), it’s all about how I feel in that moment. And the moment I completed this style, I thought “This wash and go rocks!!” and haven’t looked back since. But honestly, it doesn’t matter to me what you call it, call it a “Twist Out”, “Twist and Go”, “Wash Out”, “Poop on a Stick”, it really doesn’t matter, I just hope it helps you save some time and energy while doing your hair.

XoXo Whit

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Totally agree! We are making natural hair so much more complicated than need be! I guess as humans we just have the need to categorize everything and it looks like that includes hair care!

Love your blog! Keep it up! 🙂

I completely understand….I didn't understand why there were so many questions about it. Hahahaha that's definitely a wash and go for me 🙂 or at least it will be when my hair gets longer.

I love this wash and go method. I could care less what its called. I just appreciate your perspective and thanks so much for sharing these tips. 🙂

Whit, you had me at THIS line: "But why do we as people always need to be "right" and prove others to be "wrong" in hair care? Can't we just say "hmm, interesting perspective"…" ——-> My sentiments exactly and I couldn't agree with you more!!! ***Drops Microphone and walks away*** 🙂

~We appreciate the time and effort you take out of your PERSONAL life to share your knowledge of natural hair styles/products/regimens etc.Your personality makes the videos memorable~


I like your method…I also like that you only used your fingers to detangle in the shower. I have recently started using only my fingers and i find out that i have less hair on the bathroom floor or in the shower.

BAHAHA @ "poop on a stick"!

I am really glad you addressed this, because folks are getting pretty dang legalistic over natural hair… Ten years ago, if you had complimented me on my "braidout" I would have looked at you sideways, backwards, and upside down because back then I would have called it "what happens when I take down my cornrows after two weeks and it gets all crinkly and it's funky cuz I need to wash it and I really shouldn't be wearing it outside of the house."

I'm not the hair police, but I would say that if you wash your hair with chunky twist and take them down when dry,,,,it is not a WNG,,,,no matter how long it took. That is the classic definition of a twist out…whether you do the twists before, during or after washing hair….or dry hair. The twists do set and stretch the hair….WNGs typically set with your natural curl pattern.

I mainly do WNGs and I now that I have 7 inches of hair (13 months since BC) I think I need to venture into actually styling my hair with twists or braids. I love this style and I will definitely give it a try….as winter approaches in MD. I just wondering how my hair will do with no additonal products….maybe I should try the mud wash.

Someone always has something to say! Jeez! Your hair clearly looked like a wash and go and not like the normal twistouts that you do. Either way I love it! <3

@CurlyTonya What is a "Classic definition of a twistout." I agree with @Kathy I have been natural for 6 years and to my knowledge this terminology was recently created by the growing community of naturals. You didn't use these terms to describe the hair styles. When my twist got old…I would untwist. When someone asked me what I did…I would say…I untwisted my hair and it is crinkly, LOL.

I think people are being nit picky. I don't want to create a crazy debate because I think Whitney was very eloquent and clear on what she did with her hair and I have seen other naturals do the exact same thing she did with a holding gel (Kinky Kurly Custard or Eco Styler) like Freeworship and AfricanExport on Youtube. They wash their hair, put a holding gel on their hair, twist their hair in big twist (to help elongate WNG), and then untwist and separate the large twist. Within the twist are the curls. They to referred to it as a WNG as well so I am not sure what the problem is if semantics is what is being debated. Whitney didn't use gel because her shampoo product seems to help her natural curls to pop. You can clearly see her curl definition in this style. I think the technique is nice and could work for a lot of women…at the end of the day does it matter what she calls it. This isn't biology class where DNA has to be called DNA…it is hair care.

I think your video and your explanation here is fabulous. If you called it "poop on a stick", I'd be right behind you! 🙂

Everyone….the name really doesn't matter to me. It was a good video and I loved how the style turned out. I'm a Whit fan and I love all her videos!

@curlytonya– Not trying to pick a fight, but it always kind of befuddles me when someone who is fairly new to the game starts to "drop knowledge" on others. Like others posted here, I have been natural for almost 10 years and we never had names for what we did with our hair ( outside of TWA and Afro). I love that people like Whit have exposed me to so much more since I've gone natural. I take what applies to me or what I can do reasonably from her videos and the rest? Well, then it is not for me. In addition to the debate about name, people were commenting ( read: complaining and whining) about how "their hair would never come out that"… AND SO WHAT?. I mean if her calling it a WNG is affecting your health, work, or bills… then maybe I can see where people are coming from:/

I see where Whitney is coming from. If you're going to call parting your hair into little sections and raking product through for an hour a WNG then why not this?

On the other hand, wash & go = wash, condition, and go…not twisting, raking hair in itty bitty sections, etc…that kinda takes away from the "go" part lol.

Wow! Hi naptural…..I mean Whitney. I'm A HUUUUUUUUGE fan of your channel on youtube. I have to say you are awesome and this is my first time seeing and arriving to your website.(The hilarious part is that Im actually sitting on my couch doing your Egg and Mayo Deep conditioning recipe as I write this lol-im interesting).
But I just wanted to say that I absolutely agree with you. I loved the right and wrong part. It really seems like to me that as women, we have this innate need to compete, over-analyze, opinionate and question every(single, little, microscopic and subatomic) thing. ITS SO FRIGGING ANNOYING. We can't just let things be what they are. But I'm glad you addressed it they way you did in this blog: A WASH AND GO. You rock my socks!:))

Ummm ok so I really appericeate that you took the time to i guess try to explain why you title them wash n go's I didnt personally think it was so important and to all of those who took offense…….take a nap. Regardless (for some reason I wanted to say irregardless ;p) of the name it worked well for you and I will try *whispering* this wash n go this weekend. Again thanks a TON for sharing and again for even trying to clear up the foolishness.

Hey Whit… I love ur WNG, to me what makes it a wash and go is just like you stated… no products on it to make it curl you just washed it and go even though you washed it at night. Your hair is so pretty. Can't wait to get my mud wash…. my hair is not long enough to wash and go like that yet but I am getting there. Keep up the good work and don't pay attention to the hair police. Call it what you like it is what it is….just hair lol

Since people don't know what to call it but love their labels, let's just call it The Whitney.

I didn't even know people had an issue with what it was called, lol…? I think it's a wash and go. I've never done a twist out with twists that big unless my hair was dry and I wanted a stretched look rather than a twist out…lol. Anyway, thanks for the tips as usual. You rock!

@NAPTURAL85 you are the mother of natural hair and you said it is a wash and go soooo it is what it is being that you have all authority over this.i love your was and go and now i know how to preserve it

I think sometimes we as viewers, subscribers, and readers need to be reminded that we have been extended an invitation to watch "YOUR" hair journey. The hair products, styling methods, styling tools, and yes even the labels you give your hairstyles are all apart of your journey. I watch your videos and read your blog to learn from your successes, stumbles, changes and growth. If you did things exactly the way others thought you should then what would be the point? I'm glad that you have always done things your way. I have learned much from watching and reading your unique hair journey.

Wng, twistout who cares? I called it beautiful! Labels are too limiting and there are endless possiblities with natural hair. I have been natural over 10 years now and I am still learning and searching for innovators such as you! Keep doing what you do because those that really want to learn will be open-minded and not try to detract from the important service you are providing! Thank you for allowing us to tag along on your natural journey. I know there are alot of us that have learned from you and I'll be watching for as long as you let me!

I love it, and I agree with BLUE on that "let's call it the Whitney"!
I think we have found the name!!!
Thanks for all your fantastic ideas Whitney

I agree especially because I tried it and my hair looks like a Wash and go not a twist out( my hair in fact hates twist-out). Also, it took me less time, less manipulation and no products to
'define" the curls . So to me definitely keeping with the purpose of a Wash and go, maybe it is also a twist out. But as others have say if it works… That is all that matters.

Your videos are always informative and awesome. Showing a different perspective shouldnt cause ppl to jump down your throat because its not THEIR particular way to wash and go. WHO CARES? I think its awesome that your videos show MANY PERSPECTIVES to healthy natural hair. PPL always want to prove someone else right or wrong when realistically we should take each others ideas and learn from them as well as encourage others. So to you, I appreciate your videos, advice and healthy videos. I am going to try this version…you are right. With my twist outs, I am combing my hair (basically changing that natural curl pattern) and then twisting it for a different definition…all youre doing is maintaining your curl pattern by washing and going with big twist to eliminate a lot of that work. Awesome job girl! Keep on doing what youre doing and let the hatters continue to talk AND stay longer in the mirror to achieve the same thing you did in 30. Cheers.

It doesn't matter what it's called so no one should be attached to calling it a wash and go. lol. If we are going to label hair styles as "wash n go", or "twist out" at all, then we're clearly using the lexicon of the online natural hair community, so it's irrelevant that you didn't call it that before. As defined by common usage in that lexicon, this is clearly a twist out – twist hair when wet, undo when dry. Don't understand how wash n go even enters the picture. But then again I also don't get the 'wash n gos' with 10 gels, shingling, and whatnot.

People are so strange. Talking about "haters" and whatnot. Really??? Why turn some simple commonsense queries into something antagonistic?


Let's call all of her styles, "The Whitney". She's awesome for taking so much of her time to give people like me more pointers. Thanks Girl cuz I need the help! Lol

What a lovely style!!
I think a lot of women's natural hair doesn't form a defined curl when they soak it in water, (i know mine doesn't) and therefore they won't get the same results. I think this was causing confusion and mild panic in the comments section. I agree that this style isn't a "twist-out" per se, because a twist out molds your hair to the shape of the twists, but your WNG stretches out your own natural curl pattern.
I would like to see how "the Whitney" works with more tightly coiled hair. maybe I'll try it…

Wash n Go….Wash and Wear…..Twist and Go……I love it whatever you call it and appreciate the info!

I chuckled @ "wash-n-go-ier" myself and I've been natural (no perms) since 1998 and gradually phasing out the majority of heat styling since about 2008 and like others here I've just recently seen these terms spring up…like generally a "braid out" was just what occured after removing cornrows, and you notice you like the texture…so you fluff it out and rock that…a "wash and go" was just wetting ur hair and going with whatever happened…we didn't have all these exact descriptions and labels…our hair was just doing what it does and ppl were going with it. To attack, or question someone who is showing you something that is HELPFUL and that works…b/c she didn't label it the same way you would have is just silly…just decide if it's something that will work for you or not, and if not move on…if you consider it a wash and go, call it that…i'm sure Whitney won't lose sleep (as i'm sure she wont know b/c she doesn't know u lol and i'm sure doesn't really care)

I get it. I mean…in technical terms it is still a twist out, but it's a style you can do in winter with most of the (if not more of) the convenience of a wash n' go. My take away, if you want a wash-n-go style in the winter, wash your hair in twists at night and rock a twist out. Works for me. And the vid was extremely helpful. You are a master at your craft!

I have nothing to add except to say your hair came out beautiful! I have a hard time with my wash n go's because my hair shrinks up so badly (my hair is 3C waist length and it shrinks to SL) so I will definitely try this out. Thanks again for your help and I love your videos!!!

I'm no expert and I'm not up on most of the "lingo", but I think the reason many are trying to nail down a "name" for what you did is because – for newbies – it's important to understand what people are talking about when they say, WNG or Twistout, etc… because that impacts how you might try to copy it to get a certain result.

So, if I searched for WNG and saw your video, then I might think that's what EVERYONE does for a WNG, when apparently (based on the responses from people who were confused at whether yours was a WNG or a Twistout), it's not. Now – having seen your method (love it!), I am inclined to try your method. I don't care (now) what you call it, but I know that I was (being a natural hair styling newbie) confused at first as to what was what.

In the end it doesn't matter – but I just wanted to present an alternative view on why some people are getting hung up on what you call your method. For newbies like myself, it can cause confusion if you say a WNG is this, but everywhere else, people would call that a twist out. Because I tend to watch multiple videos of similar methods before trying it out on my hair (I don't have a lot of free time and my hair is finicky with multiple textures all over), it helps when I am trying out a new style or method. If I'm looking for a bunch of vids or blog posts on twist outs, then I'll watch those all together until I think I have "gotten it" enough to do it myself. Same goes with WNGs.

I hope that makes sense.

But it doesn't matter to me – I'm hooked on your videos now and can't get enough. I hope to get my hair as beautiful, full and thick as yours and if your WNG method saves me time in the morning, I could care less what it's called!

How about calling it "Wash and Go to bed…lol… Love ur channel and blog… Ur a genius! Stay blessed 🙂

Thanks for clarification. I watched the video first and was thinking twist-out. Its about to get cold and I can't continue to go out with my hair wet.

I wash my hair twice per week in summer and once in winter SO how will I keep the style through this time and should i brush it when dry or not it tangles a lot and i hate tangles

People please get off her about a name because in my book she did a successful wash and go. 1. She WASHED her hair, 2. She proceeded to Go about her business. Therefore a Wash-n-Go. Point ,bland, period.

thnx for that info!!!! I could always connect n understand the "wash " part,but the "go " just didn't make right good sense to me…let's just learn our lovely mane and rock it!

Great response. Once I figure out what size to make my twists (my hair isn't as long as yours was on this video), this will be my wash and go or wash and chunky twist and go or whatever it's called. lol I LOVE the variation and the 'dry hair leaving in the cold morning' option!

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