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How To Maintain Wash and Go for 5 Days or More “Natural Hair”

Here’s an easy method on how to maintain a Wash and Go style for 5 days or more. This is an easy and quick technique that leaves curls defined, detangled, and separated throughout the week! I’ve been using this method since my TWA stage, and since my hair has grown longer, it’s been even more helpful.

This also works to maintain twist outs if you don’t care about shrinkage. Just know that with a twist out style, the hair will continue to shrink up as the days go by and will eventually turn into a Wash and Go. Hope you enjoy!

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I was super excited to try this out on my twist outs because I was looking for something to help maintain the look without the need to retwist every night. Unfortunately the moisture created by the bagging made my 4b hair loose all twist definition so I ended up with more of a fro. Ahh well, back to the drawing board.

Love your videos! (videography lighting is awesome!) Anywho, I was curious to ask if detangling with a wide tooth comb or denman brush, instead of finger detangling, would give the same effect if I were to proceed with you steps? My hair looks to be very similar to yours. It has a define curl pattern but i'm confused on how to limit the frizz/ aka separation from clups. And also i feel that it's partitive to properly detangle my hair (my hair response better and less breakage or shedding).

Hi Natural85 I love your vid"s. I have fine and medium thick hair, however I find the your techniques work for everyone. Thanks for the education……Love ya!

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