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Happy Hallo-Muertos!!

Happy Friday!!

Oh!! And Happy Halloween, it’s coming up so fast!! I’m not sure what I’ll be doing to celebrate the holiday, last year I went Trick-Or-Treating with my nephew who dressed as Harry Potter.. it was so cute!

But I never really celebrate this holiday.. actually, that’s not true… I haven’t celebrated it for the past three years because every time I tried celebrating in the past, it turned into the biggest #FAIL ever!


2006: Spent over $70 dollars on a cute witch costume, makeup, and authentic witch’s broom. Filipe dressed as warewolf. We sat in my dorm room looking for something to do all night until finally giving up, removing makeup and costume, and ordering Chinese food.

2008: Our first apartment together… Oh yeaaa, party tiiimmeee! Spent well over $300 dollars on cute tinker bell costume, makeup, Halloween decorations, and … adult drinks… Filipe dressed as warewolf. Invited people over for fun, music, and… adult drinks… only to have a couple of people show up (awkwaard) who happen to not like each other (more awkwaaaard) who begin to fight (even more awkwaaard).… yeaaaah, “check please!”

2009: Decide to NEVER hold Halloween party again. Spent about $50 dollars on Halloween candy. Pulled out my old tinker bell wings. Filipe dressed as warewolf (which at this point, is looking more like a dog emerging from pile of ratty pubes). Filipe eagerly turns lights on to alert Trick-Or-Treaters that “This house has candy!!” … not one trick-or-treater and us stuck with $50 worth of candy… WHYYYYYY!

LOL! So that’s why last year we decided to head to my parent’s house where my nephew would be Trick-Or-Treating in order to be GUARANTEED a good time! Sheeesh!

So yea, I love Halloween, but haven’t really had that “time of my life” feeling since my old Trick-Or-Treating days! I wish Halloween was something a little more rich in culture, like how Latin America celebrates Dia De Los Muertos…

I guess I could always have my own Dia De Los Muertos! I love how it’s a day solely to remember and celebrate passed lives of your loved ones… so beautiful! I’ve heard of so many people fearing death because, well for one, you’re dead… not cool… but also because of the fear of just vanishing… never being remembered, almost like you never existed. Wouldn’t it be great to know that at least once a year, there’s a day dedicated to remembering and celebrating your life? That you won’t just vanish into thin air, but it’s guaranteed that at least your immediate family will still be thinking of you? (…although, hopefully they think of you anyway, but you know what I mean… a day dedicated to thinking of you). Instead of just passing out candy, more of us should adopt this tradition..

I think it’s beautiful and an extremely healthy way to celebrate death and celebrate the lives of those you loved, who have passed. Hmm, I might share this with my family… it would be nice to have a moment during Halloween where we can at least share our feelings about our passed family members.

I have a close friend who lost her son and one of her biggest sources of pain come from the fact that she doesn’t want anyone to forget who he was and that he existed in the world. If we had Dia De Los Muertos, I’m sure at least a portion of that pain would be eased knowing that on this day every year she and her family and friends would be thinking of him and celebrating his life. Not just on his birthday, or the day of passing, but on this day dedicated to celebrating that very thing, life and death. I think that would be beautiful.

Just sharing my thoughts. I think I really might have to adopt Dia De Los Muertos in my life. It really is a beautiful tradition… if you want more info about Dia De Los Muertos, here’s some links you can check out!




How do you celebrate Halloween? What are you dressing up as? And what’s your funniest Halloween experience?
Let me know! My costume is a Kick $!! Street Fighter! *BaM*

… now to figure out where to wear it. Oh Filipe? He’s gonna be a warewolf… stuck in pubes apparently.. lol… 

Talk to you guys later! Have a great weekend and be safe! <3

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I learned about Dia de los Muertos in spanish class when I was in junior high and high school.
We had a celebration in class every year. I enjoyed it more than Halloween. I appreciate the concept behind it. My sister passed away 17 yrs ago. This holiday is a perfect time to celebrate her, her life, and what she meant to us and others.

You had me LOL at my desk with your Halloween memoirs!!! Aaaaaaaaaward!!! (Poor Filipe…LMBO!!)

LOL @ Filipe. He's smart though. his one time investment apparently lasted years and years. cracks me up. i've never been a big halloween person. i'd always assumed that only kids got dressed up. imagine my utter shock when i came to America only to discover giant lady bugs and frankensteins walking around at night

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