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What’s This About Rhassoul Clay? | Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hey Guys!

I’m pretty comfortable with the hair products I currently use, and haven’t felt the urge to try other products out of necessity, but like I explained in the My Relationship with Hair Products video, I enjoy testing out new products here and there for the fun of it when the mood calls.

I don’t really accept too many products from companies to review, it really has to be something that I want to try out, and would purchase myself. So when Hairrogant.com offered me the chance to test out some products of my choice, I checked the website and immediately noticed the Anita Grant Rhassoul Clay Deep Conditioning Bars (among other things!)

I love my organic hair wash, which has a base of Bentonite Clay, and ever since I started using it, I’ve wanted to test out the other different types of clays as well! So when I received the opportunity to try Rhassoul Clay, I jumped at the chance! I picked the Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish Cubes because I liked the price point and felt like it was something that I might re-purchase if it turned out well.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the delicious smell of chocolate! Mmm, it smells so goood! But I still wasn’t sure… I pretty much know the amazing results I get from the Bentonite Clay mixture, would this Rhassoul Clay really be any different?

So I followed the directions on the package:

1)    Place in heat resistant bowl

2)    Add hot liquid of choice – 25ml of liquid per cube [I chose water] “you fancy huh”

3)    Stir until it dissolves into a melted milk chocolate consistency.

4)    “Ta-Da! Your mud is now ready.”

FYI: I used two (2) cubes instead of one. [In hindsight, I probably didn’t need two cubes, but I wanted to make sure my hair was really covered well to see the full results…]


Before I applied the mud to my crispy, dry, and totally neglected hair, I spritzed with a little water to give it some moisture, and to help activate the clay under the plastic cap. I’ll also note that I didn’t do my usually sectioning into twists that I usually do before I attempt any washing or conditioning process. I left my hair out and tangled. I really wanted to test the de-tangling properties of the Rhassoul to see exactly how good it was.

Then I covered my hair with the mud mixture, followed by two (2) plastic caps to make sure my entire head was covered.


The directions say to leave the clay on your head for 20-45 minutes depending on how deep you want to condition… I left it on for well over 1 hour and a half… time kind-of ran away from me….

Anyway, in the shower, my hair… literally…

[pause] Fell…

[pause] Apart!

This clay is [dare I say it] better than Bentonite clay!!? It left my hair so freaking soft, my hair finger-detangled faster and easier than when I use my organic hair wash… I know! I know! I’m NOT embellishing… you guys know I don’t get excited over a product for no reason. This stuff was Ah-Mazing!! I couldn’t stop touching my hair! I even had Filipe touch it! It felt so nice!!

Since it was about time for me to wash my hair anyway, I followed up with an Apple Cider Vinegar wash on my scalp to clarify and help remove any left over shea butter. Then gently massaged my scalp to remove the dirt, while finger-detangling.

I really wasn’t expecting to be “wowed” by this deep conditioner. I’ve used the organic hair wash with the bentonite clay base, countless times and in different ways. I expected to get the same results that I get from using the bentonite clay, which of course, are always excellent, but I figured a clay is a clay… Well, I was wrong! Rhassoul Clay is amazing! And it is slightly better than bentonite clay in my opinion. The difference is slight, but it’s there.


So for anyone wanting to try it out, I definitely recommend it, it was amazing! If you’re interested in the Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish Cubes, you can find them at Hairrogant.com. The package in the picture comes with three (3) cubes, which if you wash like like I do, will last 3 months. And check the shipping, it just might be cheaper than the organic hair wash! My hair felt like butter… so yea, it was a successful trial. I will definitely use it again!

XoXo Whit

UPDATES | August 22, 2012 : 

Hey guys! It seems that Hairrogant no longer sells this item? No worries, you can simply get it at the source, anitagrant.com! << Click for the direct link to the shop! XoXo! <3

Reader Comments

Hi Whitney, I just visited the site and saw it said to use on washed hair. Was there a reason you did it on unwashed hair? And the price is really good. Didn't check the shipping though.


I've also tried the rhassoul clay by Anita Grant. I expected to be wowed because I'd seen so many rave reviews. Maybe that was my mistake because my results were just "meh". It was messy, time-consuming, and the gritty feeling lingered after washing. The detangling properties were okay, but my hair feels a lot better after a bentonite clay cleanse.

Ooohhh man. Now I'm gonna have to buy that. Cuz my mud wash? LIFE.CHANGING!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You really have saved my hair.

Thanks so much for this review! I have been looking around online, trying to figure out what the difference is between these two clays, and which is better. I'll definitely try it now! πŸ™‚

Ive been looking for something new for my hair with a certain consistency my hair is very thick healthy but very thick and it tangles i may give the clay products a try seem like my normal stuff is starting to bore my hair lol thanks NAP

I have these! I haven't used them yet thought. What was your bentonite clay recipe?

This has nothing to do with hair. I am searching for a new fish oil and noticed your advertisement. Have you tried the krill-omega super 3 oil? If not what do you use if any? Any known calcium supplements would also be helpful! Thanks!

I haven't tried the Rhassoul Clay by Anita Grant, however I have been usins Rhassoul clay that I have purchased from New Directions Aromatics, and I got similar results that you described. My hair was was reaally soft and and easy to comb through. I also noticed that they didn't seem as tight as I am used to.


I have tried in this past and maybe it was the shea butter, but I had lots of residue in my hair. I prefer the mud wash!!!

i have used rhassoul clay in the past and thought it amazing – I buy it in bulk from an herbal shop and basically recreate the mud wash — adding aloe juice, rosewater, and essential oils and herbal extracts. its definitely more moisturizing but it wins over the mud wash just by a nose or so. What I really like is I can measure out what I need, make a batch and freeze or refrigerate the rest for when I need it again. I did buy the hair wash just to compare and i plan to do a video response for that, as well as a DIY recipe for people who dont have the price points for either.

I just ordered the teressential hair wash and the rhassoul conditioning bars. I heard great things about clay and I'm so sick of the commercial shampoos and conditioners that leave my hair stripped or stiff after I shampoo. I don't know if its the hard water or the crap that is loaded in these so called sulfate free shampoos/ conditioners. Regardless, I'm not impressed with any of them so I'm changing up.
I went crazy today and ordered Henna/Indigo as I have grey hair and need to dye my roots but want to do it in a way that will be the most beneficial for my hair. So, I made a lot of big changes overall. Healthier eating, drinking more water, and using products that are more natural and healthier. The rhassoul conditioning bars are a great deal as you get a 3 month supply for 13 dollars and even with the shipping and handling it comes out to be a little over 6 dollars a bar.

btw: I love your videos and you are such and inspiration. Its like watching my favorite tv show

I love both the Terressentials and Anita Grant Rhassoul Bars. I had an issue well a "situation" with Terressentials and ended up making my own bentonite clay mix at home, it's very similar to the left coast lemon (see thenaturalhairvixen.blogspot.com) and let me tell you, when I decided to add one or two anita grant cubes to the mix. OMG the combination was incredible. I love them both but together they are amazing! Oh and I'm a Hairrogant shopper, well I buy Anita Grant once a year, and they have excellent customer service. One time I ordered the bars when Anita Grant first came to the USA and I had no clue I was paying too much for shipping, a few hours after my order was placed I was issued a partial shipping refund just like that, that's good service in my opinion.

Love your videos, you are a true inspiration and drop dead gorgeous, Felipe is a lucky guy.

(I have a fear of cats so I can't watch all your videos πŸ™ but I get through them and just look at the floor so I wont miss anything important lol)

I have only ever used Rhassoul and betonite clay for skin, but never for hair, so I decided I am going to use it on my neices hair today and mine the next time I wash my hair. I am expecting good results lol. I ordered my Betonite, and Rhassoul from Mountain Rose Herbs. Anyway I started wathing your videos on youtube about 8 months ago, but before that I was watching others, you have grown to become one of my favorites. You truly keep it simple, but not boring. Your tutorials are easy to follow and understand, and best you show that you don't have to spend alot of money on products to have healthy hair. Plus you try to keep it organic and you use alot of my favorite things, such as shea butter (big thumbs up!). Keep those hair vids coming.

Hey, for starters I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your videos. They are so informational, and inspirational, and they are helping me through my transition. I've been in transition since August 2011. My cousin and I are both going through this journey together and if we find something that works for one, we will share with the other, lol. She recently bought the hair mud from terressentials- lavender scent; and I was her guinea pig lmao. Tried it Yesterday and fell in love, it made my hair so soft (both textures) and defined my curls. Now I was watching "fasionofcultures" (love her also) video of the Rhassoul clay and noticed that you have used it also. I want to give it a try, but I wanted to know how you use it in conjunction with the terressentials. Do you use it after you wash with terressentials and use as a deep condish?, or do you use it alone? They both are detox products, so my concern was if using the two, would it completely strip your hair and produce excessive dryness? PLEASE HELP!!!!

Just made my order, cannot wait for it to get here, Whit you are one of two hair crushes I have and I have been viewing like hundreds of ladies for months. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and blessing us with direction.

I've had these for over a year, so decided to try them because I didn't feel like washing and twisting my hair. I mixed my clay with coconut cream concentrate, honey and veggie glycerin.

Hello Gorgeous!!! I went on the site you posted and can't find it. Can you help? Did they discontinue it?

Oona, sometimes they sell out so Google it to find it elsewhere or you just have to wait until it's back in stock, although you can easily make it yourself.

Hello Whitney and Natural ladies, you can find Anita Grant products stateside at these websites sagenaturalceuticals, kinkscoilscurls.com, and gn247store.com, hope this helps. Since I live in a suburb of Atlanta I picked up some condish cubes from sagenaturaceuticals, I can't wait to try them.

Hi Whitney! First of all I luv all of ur vids and thnx for the advice u give I hav a question though…..so is it better to deep condition before u shampoo or use the ACV rinse? I've also wanted to try using the vinegar instead of shampoo….
Would u recommend? Thnx and God bless XD

Ha ha! Yes whitney! I can definitely relate to my hair falling apart with Rhassoul Clay! Haven't tried Anita Grant's conditioning cubes yet but I have used Love Harlem's cleansing clay! It was love at first wash. Something about Rhassoul clay that just leaves my hair feeling amazing. Prefer it to Bentonite which I used to use.

Watched one of your videos where you mixed it in an applicator bottle think I'm going to try that next.

Rhassoul clay is wonderful, I use quit a bit of it myself, but the superstar in Anita Grant's conditioner may be the MSM. It is an organic compound that contains sulfur. MSM can also be taken as a supplement to improve hair growth.

You really can't compare Anita Grant's rhassoul clay condish to a bentonite clay wash. Why? Because AG is loaded with cocoa butter and cocoa. And it is a conditioner. If you want to compare the two, I think you should use rhassoul without the additives against plain bentonite clay. Otherwise it's apples and oranges. IMO

BTW I;ve used both and find bentonite to be a gentle effective cleanser and AG to be a moisturizing condish.

Sometimes it is reliable to get various hair implants as testing different hair care products can have negative results But it will be better to use after taking medical advices.

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