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True Love



Can’t Live With Em… Can’t Live Without Em. Proof that the triumphs and perils of true love have remained the same since Ancient BC… Although, I have a feeling when she mentioned “Poison” she wasn’t speaking figuratively….  ⊙_☉

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Hahaha, this is hilarious. I know exactly what you mean. lol Btw, quick hair question. Do you make all of the conditioner you use, or is that only for deep conditioning? Do you buy any conditioners?

Cleopatra is my female idol, love has been love since the begging of times. Needing someone to live is like needing air to breathe.

This is so true! lol. Love is very… interesting in this way. The people you love the most are usually the same people who can be the most infuriating. Haha!

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