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Love Music Art, Volume One | Featured Music Available For Download!

Hey Guys!

Anyone who’s been with me since the beginning of my channel knows my love of music, and knows I get complete joy in finding rare gems that are different from anything you can find on the radio. Many of you have been asking for the links to purchase the tracks featured in my videos, and I kept saying, “I’ll post it soon! I’ll post it soon!” Well, I am so excited to finally be able to give you the link for the completed album, Love Music Art, Volume One! This album is a compilation of various artists that have been featured in my videos on Youtube thus far, and I am so excited to be a part of putting this album together!

So I hope you all enjoy the music! If you like this album, let me know below! And make sure to stay tuned for Love Music Art, Volume Two!

XoXo Nap

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Reader Comments

This is an awesome compilation! I already had 3 of the songs (Lady like, Addicted to Life, and L'essential) added to my music collection from watching your vids. I have a passion for music also and I am constantly on the lookout for good music with new and ecclectic sounds. I watch your vids and I am like "Aww that's a really cute style, wait…OMG! What is the name of this song?? I need to have this song in my life now!" There are 2 music pieces from your previous vids (twistout method 101, and 6 ways to wear a cardigan) that sound amazing, but I can't figure out where I could find them.The song from your twist out vid has a putumayo type vibe, but I can't seem to find the CD that corresponds to it, so I may be wrong and as for the music from your cardigan vid, well I have no clue as to where I could find it. Could you maybe provide a link where I could find those also? Thanks so much!


Thank you so much for sharing where you get your music because I absolutely love it. It's unique, relaxing, and no one else is using it. And touching on no one using it <laughing> if I were to purchase one of the songs would I have to check with the artist before using it on my YouTube channel or are all these songs, once purchased, free for public usage? I remember you mentioning once that you changed the music on your channel for copyright reasons and since doing that you made partner (congratulations, which you fully deserve).

Have a beautiful day and thank you for your posts 🙂

I've loved the songs in your videos…thanks for making them available…you've ver heard of Kajessa? I love her music. She has song called 'Against the current' I think would be great in a video…since it's still considered against the current to have natural hair. Just the other day, I was told: 'you really need a perm, girl!'…Anyway…love your channel!!!

Love all of your vids!! And definitely LOVE the music you play on your vids. I get plenty of ideas for songs on my own videos from you! 😉


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