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Sneak-Peek at My Final Mini Twists!

Hey Guys!

I was in need of a change, and couldn’t wait to put in my mini twists!! Last weekend, I started putting them in on Friday and finished on Sunday; that’s a record for me! I was so proud! I was a Tweeting and Facebooking machine, trying to keep updated on my progress!

I’ll be posting a video to show the actual results, but here’s some quick pics of how it turned out for anyone who’s wondering! I’ll talk to you guys soon!

XoXo Whit




Reader Comments

WOW! They're so long! It looks nice, good job Whit.
I was recently thinking of doing the mini twists but I've been lazy. This makes me want to bite the bullet though =)

So pretty!!!! And your hair looks so much longer. Especially when I compare it to the last mini twists you did.

I love (mini) twists. Yours look way neater than mine when I'm done, though. So much work! Looks great!

Hi Whitney,
I love your hair, and your amazing videos. One of my good friends has finally decided to go natural after me pestering her for over a year. When she finally told me she was going natural a few months ago the first thing I did was point her to your videos, you are definitely an inspiration, and your personality is so calming, and I hope you keep up the good work for the newly naturals, and the experienced naturals alike!

your twists are beautiful. I do my daughter's hair like that, but a little bigger. I will make hers smaller now that I have seen yours!

I swore I was going to keep my mini twists in all winter long as a protective style but my afro missed me after 7 weeks! Hahaha! But your mini twists make me jealous! All that length is just unfair! (I'm not that far off, I like to spritz mine with water so they shrink to a chin length bob, I've got like 50% shrinkage!) They look beautiful Whitney!!! Keep us posted on styles you can do with them! I know I was able to do so much which is why I loved them. French twists, or twisting six mini twists and pinning them stretched across my head for an elongated spiral look, or a high cascading ponytail, I even did a bumper bang with victory rolls and it was so cute! Thanks for being a not-so-protective protective stylist. I understand the process behind it all but sometimes your hair just needs to be out! <3 X-D

Nice i like you Twist i'm going to do my hair like that this is the going thing now for the Black American lady now thia is a good thing thank God for the hair that we have to do this thank sister keep up the good work lo!!!!!

I understand the need for change, but I REALLY, REALLY love your hair when your twist out's!!! Your hair is so thick and full. Simply beautiful!

Wow, you make me want to get mine in. I remember I couldn't wait for my hair to get this long and wanted braids in and show it off, but I don't even care for braids anymore. Only for a braid out 😀

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