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Green Tea and Charcoal Suds!

Hey guys!

I’m obsessed with anything hygiene-related: perfume, soaps, scrubs… anything that will leave me feeling clean, fresh, and smelling good… I’m on board! I normally buy the new goat’s milk soaps at Whole Foods that run three bars for $5.00, and have been known, on occasion, to “get a little crazy” at Lush.com!

I love making my own products, obviously, and even took a soap-making course to learn how to make cold-processed soaps! If I do say so myself, my soap turned out quite…..well, quite HORRIBLE to be honest! Lol, so I definitely understand and appreciate the intricacies of the soap-making process! So when I was contacted by a homemade beauty product company, I decided, what the heck, I’ll try some! (I just love a beautifully mixed brick of soap! Ahhh, the color! The texture!)

So from the DIY Hair Care Products website, I decided to try the Charcoal Facial & Body Bar and the Green Tea Gentle Facial & All Over Bar. I noticed the first ingredient in both bars was Coconut Oil and knew they would produce some really nice lather!


I was really excited to try the Charcoal Facial & Body Bar because I love anything that involves clay minerals or ash for the body. As I expected, it gave an amazingly rich lather, which was awesome, but I found that because it lathered so much, it didn’t last for very long. It felt great, but I only wished it lasted longer.



I really loved the Green Tea Gentle Facial & All Over Bar! Again, it gave a really nice lather, but this one lasted a lot longer, and left my skin feeling nice and soft; Filipe loved it too! Once the bar begins to breakdown, the green tea particles offer a really nice exfoliating feature, which I thought was awesome! It felt like a mini massage every time I used it, and they lasted up until the very last piece of soap disintegrated.


I really enjoyed these soaps a lot! If they were sold at my local grocery store, I would probably be buying them every month, lol… the Green Tea Bar especially! It really did feel relaxing on my skin every time I showered. I didn’t use it on my face because I have super sensitive skin and didn’t want to risk it, but I give it an A+ for a body soap! They also sell hair care products and skin products, along with their bath items, so def check them out! I think the soap would make awesome items for a gift basket! …speaking of gift basket… I’ll be adding one of each bar to my upcoming giveaway as well!

XoXo Whit


Reader Comments

this may sound weird but they look like candy bars !! the green tea reminds me of the hersheys cookies and cream lol; but they look amazing !!

I love making my homemade soaps and haven't bought commercially produced in a while. My faves are coconut and olive oil based soaps. Gonna have to try their charcoal one out I have oily skin and should help with that.

I fell in love with vegetable glycerin soap so that's the only kind I buy. And I make my own body scrub with evoo + brown sugar + coffee. I love it and it is pretty easy to make.

Goat milk soaps 3 for 5 at whole foods?? Can you please tell me the brand I just spent about 3.75 per bar of soap just 2 days ago at Whole Foods. Thanks so much.

I just bought soap at whole foods. Must have missed the 3 for $5. I'll be on the look out next time! These soaps look good

How long did they last for? I agree with the cookies and cream comment haha XD

I have always wanted to purchase some of the DIY products but I haven't had the chance. Thanks for the review it is a big help.

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