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Five Ways to Wear Your Maxi Skirt in the Winter

It’s winter time! Time to put away those skirts and dresses right!? NOPE! Here’s five ways you can wear your maxi in cold weather! Some of them might catch you by surprise!

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Thank you so much for all your videos! I wore my maxi skirt today as a drappy scarf and everyone complimented me! I'm so appreciative of all your information! I'm only 10 weeks natural, but I know I'm going to go all the way. I also wore your wonderful twist outs (even transitioning it is amazing!) I just ordered Terressentials today and I'm excited to try it (I just had to tell someone!) I've been watching your videos and completely cherishing them! I'm only 22 years-old right now, so I hope that everything in my life is as put together as yours seem to be (at least from what I've seen from your vlogs!)

Anyway, I think you (and your husband and little baby Olivia) are fantastic. Please keep churning out those lovely videos (if time permits!)

Enamored and Thankful,
Nicole Grisham 😀

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