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Let’s Twist! | A Mini Update on Mini Twists “Natural Hair”

Ahh, finally, the update on my mini twists and a link to all my videos showing how to put them in, how to remove them safely, how to wash them, and how to maintain them! I hope it helps!

XoXo Nap

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Hi, I'm Samantha, I'm sixteen and have never had a chemically processed my hair, except for color. I'm in high school and involved in extracurricular activities. So I'm tired in the mornings and don't ever feel like doing my hair waking up at 5:30! I need help taking care of my hair, because i don't know what to do to it anymore! i watch your videos, but our hairs are different textures and my hair is short so not many things work me! It would be helpful if you helped me out, because i really want to grow out my hair ! Please and Thank you, Sam <3 (:

Hey Nap!

I have been doing a horrible job with maintaining my hair. I've been pulling it back into a bun for the past 2 months. I KNOW!!!! I'm crazy, but I'm ready to get back on track. My edges are breaking horribly. Not surprised, I know. I wanted to know WHAT TO DO! I'm considering mini twist for low maintenance but I wonder if that will make it worse. Please HELP!!!

The desperate nappy head

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