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Purple Haze | Makeup Tutorial

Hey Guys,

This one has been requested for a while now, and I finally filmed and edited the footage for you. This is the makeup that I wear in most of my videos on both my Naptural85 Channel and my DearNaptural85 Channel on Youtube. It’s a simple purple, brown eye that I like to call “Purple Haze.” It’s a light makeup application that only enhances and smoothes my features so that I don’t look like I’m wearing a lot of makeup.

I use a mix of makeup products! Although I’d like to be using all 100% natural makeup, I just haven’t found replacements for a lot of the colors I typically wear and I can’t afford a complete overhaul of my entire makeup collection. I try to replace a couple of items at a time as to not hurt my wallet (or Filipe…) 🙂 so you’ll be seeing a variety of brands used. Hope you enjoy!

xoxo Whit




Reader Comments

Thank you for taking the time out to make quality videos! All of your vids are top-notched. I'm going to save this under my favorites because as old as I am I've never learned how to properly appy makeup. This is the main reason why I only wear lipstick now lol.

Look at hime in the back!!! Too funny!!! This is a great look for everyday. Can't wait to see more.

Hahahahaha, look at hubby hamming in the background. He's so cute and so are you! Don't worry I'm married too and much older. ;-0

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