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Caliente Loco | Naptural85 Vlog

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omg this video is so funny.my boyfriend would have had the same reaction to the uncharted ps3…i guess mexicans love their nathan drake lol. oh and i recognized both of your shoes because i happen to work at dsw. and you are so right. the clearance section is the bomb 😛

I don't think her hubby is Mexican…but I'm not sure. Anywho very funny video!!! love the kittys =)

Hey love your bouncy hair and random adventures. It's like watching reality TV. Chubbs, Bella, Felipe & Whit. So sad that I know who each of you are now. You remind me of myself and my friends so I can't help myself. Funniest blog ever. The ladies above are right. Felipe is the highlight of this video. You should've had a slow-mo of him jumping and squeeling. 😀 Anyways, enjoy the rest of your year. xoLK

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