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DIY Reuse Your Old Glass Candle Jars!

Hey Guys!

Here’s a quick tip on what to do with your leftover candle jars once the flame burns out! I try not to throw them out or toss them in the recycling bin; it’s like tossing out cash! These jars literally sell for between $4 to $7 dollars at kitchen/bathroom supply stores and container retailers!

And they’re great for storing all kinds of things! To name a few off the top of my head, Spices, Sugar, Rice, Coffee, Cotton Swabs, Cotton Rounds, Makeup Brushes, Decorative Soaps, Hair Products and Tools, Supplies, Flowers and Plants. They can even be used as containers for gift-giving and displays!

So before you throw that candle jar away, I’ll show you how to get it nice and sparkly and like-new again! I hope it helps!

Oh, and Happy Holidays!

xoxo Whit

Reader Comments

The empty candle glass jars are very useful for storing small items like you mentioned, everything has a price, better to recycle and make use of whatever you have, nice post 🙂

Commercial Glass

Ugh- wish I'd seen this before!! Just ditched about 3 years of accumulated candle jars!!

Hey! Love this post. So you said we can give old, cleaned out jars to local retail places? How exactly do I go about doing this? And which places do you know of for sure offer this buy-back service?


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