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Merry Christmas Everyone!


It’s around 9:30pm on Christmas and I’m currently surrounded by family, watching The Good Wife. I thought it was the perfect time to stop in and say “Merry Christmas!”


We went to my parent’s house, of course, and got a chance to relax. My nephew was definitely the winner of the gift-giving, receiving a ridiculously large amount of Spiderman and Ironman gear. It was a pretty relaxing and fun day spent with family and LOTS of food!

I hope you all had a great holiday! How did you spend yours? Tell me below!

xoxo Whit


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I totally spent it wandering around Ulsan South Korea trying to find a bus to take me to the christmas party for the orphanage I volunteer with. Missed the bus and it was FREEZING…but stumbled upon fake snow falling from the roof tops of the stores in "old downtown. It was pretty cool , def making video show everyone. Merry Christmas 🙂

We spent Christmas with my 3 year old opening presents at 3 houses. Clearly Santa couldn't fit all his presents under one tree! He definitely enjoyed his first christmas and was surprisingly very giving when we donated his old toys. Was a beautiful day with family and yummy food. Merry Christmas all, especially to you and yours Whit!

I got engaged this Christmas!!!! I spent the day with my fiance's family, then my sister called & said she was at the airport…she surprised me by flying from Cali to NY. I think this was the best Christmas ever!! Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it was great 🙂

I spent it sick!! ? worst Christmas ever for me! Glad you and your family had such a wonderful day! ? Merry Christmas ???

I spent my Christmas with my family. I also did the big chop on the Christmas Eve after exactly 8 mths of transitioning. I love my natural hair the best decision I ever made. And the best Christmas present I gave myself! Merry Christmas, Whitney!!!

I had a wonderful day at my home with my family & friends. There is nothing better than spending
quality time with family during the holidays.

I spent Christmas with my family at my brother's house. My 13-year-old nephew made chili, brownies and a chocolate cake. We were so proud of him! He says wants to be a chef when he gets older ( i think it's so that he can eat whatever he wants, LOL). Happy Holidays to you and your family! 🙂

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