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Getting Her Urkel On | Naptural85 Vlog

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Hey Whitney, I'm a big fan of your youtube channel, totally loving you and Felipe's relationship 🙂
I do have one question/comment, do you think you might be putting too much of your private life "out there"? I love it and enjoy your videos, but I have come across many youtubes who sort of become a bit obsessed with filming and in a way it dilutes thier main message/purpose. Also, it leaves you kinds open to personal criticism or crazies on the net talking about your life.

I LOVE you and please don't read this the wrong way, I love all your hair tutorials and as I have mentioned, LOVE you and Felipe being goofy, but please just be careful.

lots of love

Hi Whit I completely disagree with the above comment but I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions- I for one love seeing the vlog vids because they always crack me up!!!! It's great to see a fun loving couple showing the rest of the world how to have a good time!

You totally should have put the white chocolate into a bag and cut a tiny piece of corner off then SQUEEZE THE BAG! Pretty white chocolate designs accomplished.

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