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100% No Heat Heatless Flexi Rod Roller Set on Curly “Natural Hair”

This is a 100% Heatless, No Heat, Flexi Rod Set Tutorial, set on curly hair! It’s a great alternative for those who want heatless curls, but don’t have curlformers! I hope you enjoy!

XoXo Whit

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Hey Naptural85! I just have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE you and your videos from both youtube channels! You're such an inspiration! I love how creative you are with your styles…and the best part is you do them ALL without using heat!! Since embarking on this natural hair journey, I was so glad when I found someone who could do cute styles without heat! Love it! Love it! And I love your personality, so charming and care free! I am currently six months natural and can not wait till my hair gets longer so I can try all of your styles! Keep up the GREAT work!

Peace and Happiness all the way from Alabama! 🙂

Thanks a bunch for this video. I would have never thought to do this flexi rod set on semi-dry hair. Thank you for being an inspiration so many of us!

I have very thin hair and the SHIELO VOLUME HAIRSPRAY seems to give my hair body when I spray it on my wet hair after I have shampooed. I set my hair with rollers and the set stays for a day so that tells me my hair has more body than without the spray. I am very impressed with the Shielo Hairspray!

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