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How to Control Sugar Cravings and Eat Healthier

Hey guys!

A while back I posted a video on my second channel called, “How To Eat Organic On A Budget.” The video basically shows how to create a budget for yourself while grocery shopping, and how to be aggressive in sticking to that budget, no matter how big or small. If you notice in the video, I mainly purchased raw ingredients (vegetables, fruits, meats, etc…) and the only “snack” that I picked up was popcorn!

When Filipe and I go grocery shopping, we hardly ever purchase processed snacks, (ie. bakery sweets, chips, candy), unless it’s a special occasion, or we’re going to a gathering of some sort where we know it’ll be consumed. Why? Well, one of the easiest ways to control your sweets intake is to not allow it in your home!

Although we may want to purchase chips or ice cream, we avoid doing so, because if it’s in our house, we’re more apt to eat it, (and eat it we will… like, all of it… that day) even if we’re not necessarily craving it. By not having it in our home, it forces us to get off our lazy butts, and leave the house to satisfy the craving for chips, chocolate, ice cream, or anything junk food-like, when it hits.

%image_alt%Not staged. This is our “snack” cabinet, lol. If we purchase snacks for the week you’ll usually find popcorn, raisins, pretzels, pita chips, and/or cereal.

Think about when you most often get sweet cravings… usually at night, when you’re up late. So by not having it in your home, you force yourself to really analyze how badly you actually want that item, because to actually get it means you have to leave the house, and drive to the store to buy it. So the craving would have to be really strong in order for you to go through all that.

Not purchasing sweets has saved Filipe and I on consuming countless empty calories time and time again. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve said “I want chocolate!!” Followed by “.. ugh, but I don’t want to go get it. Will you get it for me?”

— “No, I’m tired!”


— “No, you go get it.”

“Ugh, forget it.” Then reaching for an orange instead.

There are times when the craving is strong enough to actually leave the house to purchase the item, but that’s very rare, because, well, laziness usually outweighs satisfying the craving.

If you do go out to satisfy your craving, don’t purchase a huge portion that you know you won’t finish. It’ll just end up back in your house to be consumed on another date. Instead, purchase the smallest individual portion you can find, just enough to satisfy the craving, and something that you know will be finished that night.

If you do purchase more than you need because of the whole “eyes-bigger-than-stomach” factor (i.e. king size bag of peanut M&M’s…) toss any leftovers in the trash. WHAT!? Yes, toss it in the trash. Open the bag and dump all of it’s contents in the trash, making sure the contents touch the trash, that way you don’t pull a George Costanza in a moment of weakness and dig it out claiming “…but it’s still in the wrapper!”

This seems drastic, but once you’ve satisfied your craving, there’s no need to keep the junk food in your home. It just guarantees that you’ll be eating it again the next day, even if you aren’t craving it. I’d rather throw out the remainder of the junk food and waste a dollar or two, than have it in my home to tempt me the next day. That’s how poor eating habits are formed.

If you consume an item more than once, it’s more likely that you will become addicted to the flavor profile, than if you had only consumed it once. So don’t leave that junk food in your home. Once you’ve satisfied your craving, it’ll be easy to toss the remainder in the trash. It’ll also help you control how much you purchase the next time your craving hits. Next time you’ll save your money and reach for the snack-size pack instead.

%image_alt%Most of the action is in our refridgerator. We stock up on lots of fruits and veggies to snack on throughout the day.

During the week, Filipe and I will usually snack on popcorn, apples, oranges, and avocados. Our after dinner dessert is usually just oranges… we LOVE oranges. We probably eat about 4 oranges each, every single day. It’s an obsession, but it satisfies our sweet cravings during the day and after dinner; they’re super sweet and delicious. I’ll also heat up a pot of herbal, caffeine-free tea which tends to fill me up after dinner. If I’m craving a little sweetness, I just add extra honey to my tea, and I’m good!


One Step At A Time

If you’re used to having sweets in your home, don’t go cold turkey, you might go crazy, lol. Instead, purchase healthier, lower calorie snacks to replace your typical sweets. Or eat healthy items with the same flavor profile. Off the top of the head, some easy substitutions are:

Instead of Chips: Popcorn (Satisfies your salty, crunchy craving)





Instead of Cookies: “Natures Valley” Plain Granola Bars – Type shown in image below. NOT the trail mix, chewy, yogurt/chocolate covered kind (Satisfies your Sweet, Crunchy, Salty, and Carb craving)


Instead of Chocolate Bars:

1) Dark Chocolate Chips – The highest cocoa content you can find – (Satisfies your chocolate craving in smaller portions. The strong dark chocolate flavor is less sweet, so you are able to stop eating it quickly once your craving is filled. Much better for you than milk or white chocolate. Even if you don’t like the taste of dark chocolate it WILL satisfy your chocolate craving, and it might be good that you don’t digg it. That way you won’t eat a lot of it)

2) Cocoa Powder – (Sprinkle a bit over some greek yogurt for a healthier “chocolate pudding” effect)

Instead of Ice Cream: Greek Yogurt with mixed berries, honey, and/or a couple of chocolate chips (satisfies your thick, creamy dairy craving. The texture of great thick greek yogurt is extremely satisfying)

Instead of Greasy Nachos: Crisp romaine lettuce salad, topped with pepper jack cheese and salsa (satisfies that crisp, cheesy, spicy craving)

These are just a couple of quick substitutions that really help to curve that junk food craving. When your body craves junk food, or sweet snacks, it’s really just craving the flavor of it. You don’t actually have to eat the exact item that your craving. Just offer your body a healthier option in the same flavor profile and your body will be instantly satisfied.

So I hope these tips help you to control your junk food cravings! They work extremely well for me and Filipe! If we can do it, so can you!


Talk to you guys later!

XoXo Whit


Reader Comments

Thanks for this! I am a student, unemployed at the moment and I spend most of my time laying in bed. I have been struck down my laziness. On top of this I have a massive sweet tooth. I have been struggling with how to combat this for ages. You have given me some good ideas.

This makes perfect sense. Thank you so much naptural85. You have inspired me not only to eat healthier but to care about what I feed my body. And I loooooooooooove all your hair videos! Your hair is soooo beautiful!

=( it's so hard to eat healthy, I had to pull myself away from the corner store this morning and make my way to school. My mind was telling me no, but my body was telling me yes lolzzz

I'm not sure those Nature Valley bars are better than cookies… it would probably depend on the cookies. I used to really love their Trail Mix bars….until I noticed that they contained at least FIVE different forms of sugar at various places in the ingredient list. *literally shaking my head*

Other than that, these ideas were great. I'm going to pop some corn right now. (I'd have an orange, but the peeling process does awful things to my sinuses, so popcorn it is) 😀

February 1, 2012| Naptural85 Response:

Hey Ruth,

Thanks! I definitely agree with you, the Nature Valley Trail Mix Bars are awful for you. Any of the Nature's Valley Chewy Bars, Trail Mix Bars, Mixed Berry, Yogurt/Chocolate-Coated Bars are pretty bad for you. But the original, Plain, Crunchy Granola Bars (Oats & Honey, Cinnamon, Roasted Almond, etc..) are what I'm referring to.

The Crunchy granola bars are not as bad as consuming your average cookie, and they're much more filling. I don't eat them much anymore, just because I don't snack on bars much (and the ingredients not being organic, so I don't buy them) but when I used to snack a lot these would be life savers, especially at work, or in long drives in the car.

Also, just a side note, the crunchy granola bars were marketed as snacks for active adults, athletes, hikers, campers to take along with them to help re-energize them after working out, hence the sugar content. But it's supposed to be a natural sugar to give you a short spike of energy to get you through, like most energy bars/liquids. But later, when they started making Trail Mix Bars, and the Mixed Berry Yogurt Bars, etc… they started adding Corn Syrup for some reason…which is pretty lame.

So anyway, I hear ya! And totally agree. But for someone who loves snacking on cookies, the plain Crunchy Granola Bars aren't a bad option, in my opinion of course. They served me well since high school up until about two years ago when I gave them up. <3

Just to let u know on your healthy tip alternative to ice cream.Fage youghurt is pasteurised and dosent contain raw milk.All milk and yoghurt in the stores are pasteurised organic or not.This makes them to loose there vital essential nutrients.Same applies to the juices.

February 1, 2012| Naptural85 Response:

Hey RawBeauty,

I don't drink raw milk. I tried once, bought a whole gallon of it, but couldn't get myself to do it. Lol, I know it's better for me nutrient-wise, but the germophobe in me won't let me do it. I gotta draw the line at that one. We all have our limits, lol! But thanks! <3

I have this brownie recipie that I think you will love it all the ingridents are super health and it curbs that chocolate craving. I makes these about once every two weeks and is only 86 calories I was making them last week and thought about your channel I can email it to you it will be great to share with your subbies.

February 1, 2012| Naptural85 Response:

Hey Faith,

You're so sweet! Thank you! But you should post the recipe on your Youtube Channel if you have one! I don't want to take your recipe! But it sounds great! Can't wait to see it <3 <3

Not bringing unhealthy snacks into the home is a great idea. Honestly, I don't even walk down the snack aisle in the supermarket, because if I don't see it and its not on my grocery list, I am less likely to buy it or get tempted. I've been blending smoothies and even bought a juicer to increase my intake of fruits and vegetables and its being working well. I no longer feel the need to have sugary and salty snacks. Its all about being healthy. Great post, love it. http://www.lilia-lifeinoh.blogspot.com

this is my personal philosophy as well. i rarely buy snacks so i consume them less. and have you peeped the ingredients on most snacks?! yikes! if my sweet tooth is acting up, i either wait it out or make something from scratch. but my bf is an ice cream fiend, so usually he'll buy it for me 😉

Ok I will posted it this will be my first cooking vid . I love eating organically and healthy as well 🙂

Thank you for this! My sugar cravings are thee WORST! I have a couple of bars of chocolate in the fridge and I have to have ONE piece of it every day. Smh.

dude i love oranges too…i almost get depressed when I buy a bag of oranges, cut it and there's too much pulp and almost no juice or when it is sour…I also walk around making orange smiles like the last picture of filipe haha…i eat about 2 a day, I'd eat more but because of a bout with antibiotics, i deal with candida overgrowth and can't go overboard. I mainly eat fruit on an empty stomach (it helps with my digestion) so oranges are pretty much the only fruit i randomly snack on because it's like drinking fresh juice. I got the idea to eat them when i crave sugar and after a couple of days, I don't even crave white sugar anymore but it does take some self discipline…anyway, i love you posts about food! it's so obvious that you guys have a holistic yet practical approach to eating healthy! it's great…

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