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The Bohemian Infinity Twist “Natural Hair”

Late Post!

I almost forgot to post this on my blog! Last weekend I tried uploading this to Youtube three times in two days while in the mountains; the connection was horrible! But at least we had a connection, lol. Anyway, I forgot to post it to my blog, so here goes!

Here’s a quick and easy style done on stretched out hair! Perfect for natural hair, relaxed hair, or naturally curly hair! This style is similar to a side braid; I call it “The Infinity Twist” because the twist has the appearance of traveling around the entire head. I added a slight bohemian feel for a more laid-back style! Perfect for those days when you need your hair out of your face, or cute under a hat! Hope you enjoy!

XoXo Whit

Reader Comments

I love this style. I saw this done with dreads and have been playing with creating it with twists. Love it Love it Love it! Your videos are super informative. Keep up the good work : )

I do this on my braids all the time! I get so many compliments. It's cute with a slouchy beanie too. 🙂

I like this hair style, this is really interesting and very informative, i ll try it for myself. I also found that many people use aloe vera for their hair wash. Also people use it for acne etc.

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