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Win Some Lose Some | Naptural85 Vlog

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The emotions and facial expressions your husband displayed during Super Bowl mirrored my own, but at least you guys live in Massachusetts…I'm a Patriots fan living in Indianapolis! *tear*. But anywho, I felt compelled to comment because I've been watching your hair tutorials and vlogs for quite some time now and everything from the advice, hair tips, to documenting your everyday life and sharing it with the world is quite commendable for someone who considers herself an introvert! 🙂 I've cruised around other blogs/vlogs in regards to natural hair, but I always find myself coming back to you because you're so well-rounded. Please continue to do what you do because in my eyes, you're the only one that does it so well!

Thanks so much for everything and GO PATRIOTS!!! 🙂

Fanchon Griffin

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