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My TOP 10 TIPS on Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair

Happy Growing! <3

XoXo Whit

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Hi Whitney,

I've got a question. Can I use EVOO sold in food stores for cooking on my hair? I hear people talk a lot about EVOO but I have no clue where they buy theirs from as I've never seen EVOO made specifically for hair? Btw, I live in the UK in case you're wondering.


I love your videos and just discovered your blog site! You have inspired me to take my natural lifestyle more seriously lol…just want to say thanks!

I love all things natural and I'm very passionate about beauty, check out my site: nkisoy.tumblr.com

Great blog, very interesting. I recently tried a great product, which is based on all natural ingredients and oils, no harsh chemicals which damages the hair. Its mostly for men, but the conditioner and shampoo works great to maintain my hair. Try it out you wont regret it.

Love your hair. I was wondering have you ever used the curly girl method? What is your option on it?

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