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Are you Vitamin D Deficient?

If you live on the east coast in the USA, or in a dark environment, chances are that you are!

I consider myself to be a pretty healthy adult, eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and protein in order to give my body the nutrients that it needs. I’ve never enjoyed taking supplements, and would rather eat the nutrients that my body needs in food form, rather than pill form, if I can.

Well, I went to the doctor a while ago to figure out the cause of my cold, which actually turned out to be a sinus infection, caused by mild allergies to the dander in my kitty’s fur! #SadFace

Anyway, in the process of determining my ailment, the doctor took a blood test. When I got the results back, everything looked good except one thing… my Vitamin D levels were extremely low and downright deficient! I actually wasn’t really surprised. I don’t drink much milk, and am extremely sensitive to the changes in the weather. So much so that I’ve been begging for a happy lamp for Christmas, and received one last year! It delivers natural sunlight any time I plug it in, lol, but I haven’t felt the need to use it yet, which is awesome seeing that winter is almost over!


The doctor told me that everyone on the east coast is Vitamin D deficient! We just don’t get enough sunlight exposure on this part of the country! Which makes me think of the possible truth in the less than “friendly” reputations we east coast citizens have, lol!

But Vitamin D deficiency is no joke! Not only does it effect your mood, but it also weakens your bone structure and muscles, causing osteoporosis and osteomalacia. So I’ve decided to be proactive by drinking more milk, as well as taking Vitamin D supplements to try and balance out the deficiency. I’m also trying to take advantage of bright sunny days as much as possible to allow my body to absorb natural Vitamin D from the sun.

So just a heads up, if you are living on the east coast, or in a dark environment, chances are you’re Vitamin D deficient! Definitely try to be more proactive in getting your daily amount of Vitamin D so that your muscle mass and bones don’t weaken too much over time. 

Hope this helps guys! See you later!

XoXo Whit


**I’m a graphic designer not a doctor, so please consult your primary physician before starting to take supplements to see if it’s right for you. <3

For more information on Vitamin D deficiency visit: 



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I am so glad you posted this. I found out last year when I went for my yearly phyiscal I found out that my vitamin D was low as well. So low that I had to have perscription for 6 weeks and still take an over the counter supplement of vitamin D. It made since as to why I had been feeling really sluggish and sleeping a lot. I have now since tried to get more sunlight and try to drink a little more milk. I am still taking my vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D Deficiency has a lot more to it than just living in a darker environment. Those with darker pigmented skins have a significantly reduced ability to absorb Vitamin D from sunlight. Also those with fair skin who wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun's rays are also reducing their ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun. Aging also bring with it a reduction in the efficiency with which the skin synthesizes vitamin D and a reduction in the kidney’s ability to convert vitamin D to its active form. Other than summer, vitamin D from the sun or from foods is often not enough for our body’s needs. Most adults would benefit from a vitamin D supplement of at least 800-1000 IU per day.

Love the post! I found out I was vitamin D deficient last year. In addition to prescription Vitamin D the doctor advised that I take Vitamin D3 (apparently there is more than one). She informed me that the body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium which is why the fortify milk with it.

Great post. I've never been vitamin D deficient, surprisingly because I try to avoid too much sunlight due to high blood pressure meds I'm taking.

Wow… I live in the east coast and always noticed Im sluggish when I starting my second shift job. So I went to supplements and will always forget to take them. But when I do remember to take them I feel better. I cant drink milk because it makes me sick. I read I can try drinking soy milk,but I completely scared of getting sick off that I havent tried it.

It's so hard to know if your deficient or not. My roommates and I just decided to go on a raw vegan diet and the worry is we won't be getting all the nutrients necessary, but I gather it's better than eating burgers and french fries. https://fivegirlsraw.com/

Another option, if you don't drink milk, is talking cod liver oil. It's packed with Vitamin D and has tons of other benefits ranging from reproductive health to improvements in skin and vision. Whole Foods has a lemon flavored brand that's easy to take.

I recently went to the doctor and found out I was Vitamin D deficient as well. A good friend used to always joke about us being sure to get out in the sun to stave off the rickets! But when I started doing some research, I realized how serious it can be and how much a deficiency can have an effect on your body – for me in particular it was evident in my energy levels blah! What I found even more interesting is that it is prevalent on the West coast as well due to the increase use of sun block (competing priorities). They've also said that its increasingly hard to get the D you need naturally – even with a good diet. I'm doing D3 supplements…so far, so good!

Whitney, love your site and videos. I applaud your efforts in promoting organic food. So, this comes from love. I realize what I'm about to say may be considered controversial by some. And, I actually never comment online but this is important. As a board certified holistic health practitioner, I must point out that while I agree with your sentiments on Vitamin D and the importance of supplementing (for those who don't get enough sunlight), I must point out that drinking milk is actually counter-productive. Studies have shown drinking milk from a cow or any other animal for that matter actually depletes your bones of calcium and minerals. Ever wondered why as a milk-drinking nation, the U.S. has the highest number of folks with osteoporosis in the world? Please read the China Study. It will change for your life. But, if you really don't have the time start with watching Food Matters, a game-changing documentary on nutrition.

I'm Vit D deficient as well. As well as my B12 and iron. So I get B12 shots and every Winter I have to take about 50,000IUs (1 tablet/1x week for 12 weeks) I live in the south so I really just contribute it to having dark skin. Glad to know I'm not alone! 😀

I was deficient but no longer, yippee. My level was almost non existent and I was prescribed 50,000 IU to take once a week in addition to taking 2000 IU per day. I live in FL so I get out in the sun more now, my doctor said a lack of vitamin d may also cause MS.

Hey Wit! Sorry to hear about your aliments. I don't/can't drink milk so I drink Enriched Vanilla Rice Milk and eat yogurt, It's the business! Also you can make a shake with Vanilla Whey, rice milk and yogurt. I also go for daily walks and take a multivitamin by Women-to-Women. Check out their website! Womentowomen.com. Take care of yourself girl! LOL! Hope you are feeling better now.

Vitamin D is very important for our health. It is extra important for African Americans. It has been said that low vitamin d deficiency is a “hidden epidemic”. We should all try and increase our levels. I have read that it could be the reason for having higher rates of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. If you cannot increase your levels eating foods high in vitamin d you should htink about a good supplement – just make sure it is the d3 type – it makes a difference. To learn more about Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms Deficiency Symptoms in Women, Adults and Children. The steps you can take to alleviate Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms.

My daughter was just informing me that her doctor told her that her vitamin level was very low about a 5. she is taking supplements and drinks Silk Almond milk. I'm not a milk drinker but i can drink the almond milk or vanilla. Love your hair and cooking videos. oh, I also notice the vitamin d's you take in pic. I hear they are very good ones. bought daughter some too

This is so awesome you wrote about this. I am a wife and mother if three and I get pretty worried about my families health…trying to keep up on our supplements and getting exercise and that Beautiful sun is important! Thanx for sharing!!

Btw, Food Matter is good, but I actually meant to recommend Fork Over Knives, which specifically addresses the issue and Food Inc., which is another great documentary on the food industry.

I was told in March by my doctor that I was D deficient and was told to take 5000 IU, Yes 5 0 0 0 international units. My heart did not like that and not realizing what the heck was going on I ended up in the ER with rapid heart palpitations I thought I was having a heart attack. When I stop taking the D3 it took a week for my heart to stop doing some kind of butterfly movement. Yes, I did see a cardiovascular doctor and they did not know what was going on my heart was fine but I know the only thing that I was doing differently to my body was the 5000 IU of D3. My Multi vitamins as 1000 IU and that and the sun is all I need.

I'm vit. D deficient too. I moved from OH to FL recently, hoping that the sunny state, in addition to taking a multivitamin would level things out for me. But, when I went to the Dr. recently I found out I'm still pretty low and vit b12 deficent too :(. So, my Dr. advises that I take 2000 IU of vit D a day. And, I'm making sure that I spend a decent amount of time outside in order to soak up the sun rays (slathered in sun screen though). I'm hoping that these efforts make a difference because I was surely feeling many of the symptoms of the deficiencies. Thanks for this post.

While I dont make it my business to comment on health issues, I just read an article on milk, and how it's not "solving" the issues with bones. In fact more cases have shown up. While i do drink milk, I'm torn over documentaries like Fork over knives that basically don't give milk,dairy,and meat the best ratings as far as things we should consume. But I do feel alot better when I go outside and walk around at lunch on a consistant basis.

Karma that I came upon this posting checking my weekly hair sites. I was diagnosed with Vitamin C Deficiency 2 weeks ago and boy you are not lying when you say its no joke. Went to the doctor for extreme fatique, pain when I walked, irritable, sore body aches. I was sooo sick, my level was 6. Glad to see you posting about it keep taking those vitamins as they have me on 50,000 iu's twice a week prescription strength and I feel better already.

Good post! I was Vitamin D deficient (found out Aug last year from a blood test). I knew I was also anemic, so been taking Vitamin D, iron (I use Vitamin Code for my iron, good stuff!), and fish oil for overall health. Anyway, took a blood test about 2 months ago to see my progress, and I'm no longer Vitamin D deficient! Now that my "levels" are balanced I only take the supplement on the days where I don't get at least 20 min of sun exposure (this was recommended by my doc). But yes, I tell all my friends when they get their physicals, have them check EVERYTHING they can, including STDs (since they only do this when you ask). …oh and of course LOVE your hair! Take care

I was diagnosed as being Vitamin D deficient as well and I tried plenty of supplements but ended up with the ones that you are displaying in your photo (I honestly use the entire line from the Women's Multivitamin to Iron, and the probiotic: I love this line). In my opinion I think the supplements alone are more than enough and wouldn't add cow's milk into the mix.

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