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My Ruined Haddock, Filipe!! | Naptural85 Vlog

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OMG!!!! That Indian food looks sooooooooooooooooo delicious!!! This entire video made me hungry! lol

I know EXACTLY what Indian restaurant you and Filipe are referring to! It's my absolute favorite- best Indian restaurant in MA
Nap, your hair looks really cute under the wrap with your twists and in a bun!

I would like to say that being a pescatarian is hard in the beginning b.u.t. after you get over the 6 to 8 month hump, things start to look up. 
My husband and I change our diet after hearing about the crap that was put into meat. Now we have been a pescatarian for about a year now and we (children) include love it. Plus, my husband loves to cook so once he was able to come up with new recipes, it was no stopping him in the kitchen.
So, in my opinion, anyone that's interested in change their diet, just find other ways of jazzing up a vegetarian or pescatarian diet. 

Hi, Learning so much from your videos. Thank you for sharing.
Lovely cats. Has it been considered that your Allergy irritation, cat's hair can be a contributing factor. If you don't mind me suggesting a little sea salt in filtered room temp water snuffed up the nose, may help. It's like going to the sea, and taking in water through the nose. A natural prevention, but don't swallow. Loving your natural approach to hair.

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