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DIY All Purpose Homemade Hair and Body Oil | Nutrient Packed

Hey Guys!

It’s time for me to make another batch of my homemade hair and body oil! Since I received so many requests to show how I mix it together, I made sure to film the process for you! It’s super short and easy, and all the oils used can be found in your local grocery store or health food store!

I hope it helps!

xoxo Whit

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Thanks for the info. BTW your skin looks great!! I have 3 of the 6 oils until I can get to Whole Foods :-).,,can't wait to try this out, keep up the good work!

Dear Whit,

You've heard it once and a million times over…THANK YOU. I can't even buy all the oils, but I definitely appreciate the time to take to share the info…and you're so organized which is why I think everyone loves your channel. Without your quick tips my hair would have looked like a troll. Lol. Take care.


Dear Naptural85,

You're such an inspiration!! I love this video. I use a similar mixture of oils on my hair. My hair had been extremely dry but the natural oils brought it back to life. Can't wait to try it on my skin as well! Thanks!

Hi Naptural85! I've been reading through a lot of conflicting sources on whether Jojoba Oil is an oil that penetrates the hair shaft or not. Seeing as you use it as one of your ingredients, I was wondering if you had any conclusive research (or advice lol) on how Jojoba Oil has benefited your hair? I have used it, but seeing as how the prices have increased due to shortage, I guess I need to justify whether it is "worth it" or not. Thanks!

I have never heard of this stuff I may have to give it a try because I’m fed up of paying a lot for shampoos that don’t really work, I have also tried home remedies with minimal success

Thanks I'am presently Deep Conditioning with your homemade DC with almond oil added and I must say my hair loves it. I also mixed the power oils and my skin and hair seems to love it thank you so much. I'm still a new natural trying to find her way living in a dry New Mexico so moisture is definitely important! I've been on this journey for 15 months so thank you so much. I do have a question how often do you wash and DC your hair?

Is there just a written list "recipe" for there diy oils or do I just need to watch and write?

How long does the DIY homemade oil last? I've used it the last month or so. I've noticed a dark film or substance developing at the bottom of the bottle. Is that normal? Should I be keeping the bottle closed up? It's in one of those color application bottles. Or does it have an expiration date? Thanks!

Ms Robinson, that's jojoba oil both 'j's pronounced as h.

Naptural85 love your tips, you are amazing. Please keep it up!

I just want to say that I LOVE your channel its so interesting ,visual, hands on and you don't get bored just sitting there listening to someone you actually show us how to do every little thing. I, myself have always been natural except when I was 13or14 I'm 27 and before I seen you on you tube all I did wore were ponytails and plats wrapped in a scarf. I'm wondering if it OK with you if you could purchase all the items for the hair and body oils, send me the bill to my email address, I send you a money order then you send me the items, we can use p.o boxes if you want to be safe. If it sounds crazy and u don't want to do it , its OK I'll understand just let me know. thanks, bye

Hi Naptural, I absolutely love the YouTube videos you have made and totally love your gorgeous hair. I have just cut off my 50cm of relaxed hair to reveal my 10 cm of natural. Actually, I am still in shock that I have hair that is curly when wet, so I'm in the process of seeing what products will help me retain curls and ease of hair maintenance when my hair is dry. I always thought I had 'typical negro hair' – except that it could grow very very long – but I never realised it was as lovely as it now is.

Just watched your 4 min natural hair journey. Congratulations. Your relaxed hair was lovely but your natural hair – particularly as seen in more recent videos – is Spectacular!

I'm the shy and retiring type, but I expect that one day I will post my own Hair Journey simply to thank ladies like yourself for inspiring me, and to hopefully inspire others. Here in England we have less knowledge of natural hair care, so we learn through great YouTubers like yourself.

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