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Updated Curlformer Technique | No Heat Curls “Natural Hair”

Hey Guys!

I love using Curlformers to create quick and easy curls without heat! I’ve been using them for quite some time now in a lot of my tutorials, but the technique in how I apply them has changed significantly over time. So I hope you enjoy the updated tutorial for Heatless, Silky, Curls using Curlformers!

XoXo – Whit

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Hi! I have a none curl form question. When your hair is in kinky twist, how do you wash it? Do you use the Terressentials? Thanks for any help. Keep up the good work 🙂

I have curlformers and I've only used them 3 times. Ive never tried shea butter with them.. hmm…

where did u buy ur curl formers i went to buy them today and picked up soft curl rollers im so pissed because its money wasted please write back im on ur fb also monique thomas grayer is my name

Hello, I have a few questions regarding your updated curlformers tutorial. Your hair is gorgeous as usual. Thank for you for sharing. : ) How do you maintain your style after setting it with the curlformers? Do you still mist your hair with water and follow up with a bit of shea butter while your hair in this style? Do you get single strand knots or split ends while wearing this style?

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