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Stretched Curlformers on Easter!

Hey Guys!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Weekend! Here are some more quick pics I took of my hair over the weekend! My hair was in old curls created by the Curlformers, but I stretched it by wrapping the curls around my head to give it more length! I really loved the results!

XoXo Whit





Haa!! Yup, that’s my Christmas Tree in the background… really Whit in April!? LOL!! Sorry guys, but yup, I’m pretty much going to keep that there probably until July, hahaha! #LazyDecorator


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I told someone the other day that you are BY FAR the best youtuber for natural hair!!! I bought curlformers after watching your first video and I absolutely love them! Used them for Easter and received so many compliments!! Thanks for all you do!!

I would agree "you are BY FAR the best youtuber for natural hair!!! I " You come prepared –very professional and you know about what you are talking about. God Bless you!

How do you sleep on your curls at night? Do you wrap it all up and do that one arm thingy, lol?

I love the stretched look. It looks organic (if that makes sense).
SN: LMAO @ the Christmas Tree still being up. I had mine up til the beginning of March. All my friends gave me hell. They would definitely torture you. LOL.

Im a natural girl who occasionally wears her hair straight (4 times a year) but because of you I'm going to plan to go without heat for the remainder of the year! ( i straightened it in january pre surgery operation for maintenance) So once I make it through the year I plan to not use heat ever! Cant wait to try curlformers they seem like such a cool invention. Keep the videos coming! Ive been natural 4 years and am still learning new tricks! <3

You are truly my hair idol…OMG!!! Like, what in the world? I absolutely LOVE your hair…

Hi Naptural!! Could you do a video on matted hair? Whenever I do my two strand twists, I leave them in for 3-4 weeks but I get matted hair really bad at the roots. Then I have a hand size ball of shed hair and breakage from trying to undo the mat. Do you have any tips on what I can do to avoid this so I can grow my hair longer without any issues?


I love this look. I should have bought some curlformers before I left for Korea 🙁 Hmmm gonna order some online since I've been wanting them for almost a year. You look like you should be on a beach somewhere in these pictures. Lovely!!! 🙂

Hi Isumi,

The same matted thing happens to me after a few days and I find that I need to detangle more than other naturals out there. I seriously can not go more than 3 days without finger detangling and re-twisting to keep my hair from wrapping around itself. If I do, oh there will be consequences and repercussions!!! LOL! My suggestion is to just keep moisturizing and UNFORTUNATELY detangling more than other naturals. I think Nap re-twists every few weeks (correct me if I am wrong Nap) but that just is NOT for this hair of mine. Nuh-uh girl!! I would LOVE if I could go that long without detangling it, but I will just lose more hair in the end. That's just my suggestion. If someone has better ideas or has found a way to remedy this..I am all ears!!

Hey Naptural! I must say that I LOVE your hair in these pictures & I just love your whole channel/blog in general! I've been natural for almost 11 months now and it was watching YOUR videos that really gave me the inspiration and courage to go through my journey! I truly admire you and just want to thank you for taking the time to inform in the way that you do!

Cómo haces para mantenerte los rizos para que no se te dañen al dormir. Y cuál es el régimen que sigues para continuar hidratando tu cabello a pesar de los rizos. Mil gracias, estaré atenta a tu respuesta. No sé inglés, pero traduzco la pagina y puedo leer lo que escribes. Gracias de nuevo.

Not a response to this post per se (but your hair does look stunning in the pics!) I just wanted to say thanks to you naptural85!! Ive been natural for 12 years now and was still so clueless about what worked for my hair. My bathroom cabinet is overflowing with countless products that I tried (and failed with) over the years. Your tips are simple, affordable and have done amazing work in such a short space of time to make my hair shinier and stronger. & you could have walked around with your fabulous hair getting all the compliments I know you get, and kept all your secrets to yourself. But your choice to share it with all of us was just fantastic of you! Much appreciated!

Ditto to what Natasha posted!!
I have been natual for 10 years, but unfortunately it was not the cool thing to do then and there was no Naptural85 or the abundant youtube natual hair community to school me then ;). I will wash and go when I'm on vacation, but never felt comfortable wearing the curls I LOVE to work. I never felt they'd be "accepted" in my industry b/c i didn't know how to style them, BUT NOW thanks to you i have a brand new love for all that my beautiful locks will do!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! My shea's are all mixed and I'm making my satin scrunchies tonight…IT'S ON!! My husband wants to thank you too as he met me with my curls and adores them…he sends a virtual fist bump to Filipe for his comments regarding how fly natural hair is, LOL!


I love your video's!!! Your information has saved my hair. After a full year of dying, straightening, and bleaching. I had finally killed my hair. People tried to worn me but I wouldn't listen. My hair so damaged I lost my naturally curly hair 🙁 I have to chop off most of it. I found your video's on YouTube. Your hot oil treament, braid/twist outs. Have slowly Started started to repair the damage Also Im obsessed with the flaxseed hair gel 🙂 Thank you for all your help and inspiration. I wish I show you some pictures of before and after. But im not that computer savy! Anway take care.

Your hair looks great! Could you show us how you preserve those curlformers curls from day to day (and night)?

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