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Flexi Rods vs Curlformers | Heatless Hair Styling Options

Hey Guys!

I recently uploaded my Updated Curlformers Method on YouTube, and since then, I’ve received lots of questions about which I prefer more, the Flexi Rods or the Curlformers? Some people are just curious and wondering, but I also realize that some people want to know if the investment in Curlformers is worth it! While Flexi Rods and Curlformers both produce similar results, as hair tools, they’re completely different.

Flexi Rods are the foam rollers that bend and lock in place. You’re able to create a barrel curl by rolling your hair around the Flexi Rod, and rolling it all the way up to your roots, bending the rod in place so it doesn’t move. While it’s possible to set your curls in Flexi Rods without heat, they’re really made to be used with heat.

Setting your Flexi Rod curls with heat, under a hooded hair dryer, blasts the hair dry quickly, creating a smooth, tight curl, without frizz. If you opt to go heatless, the curls are forced to dry freely in the air. The curl is less tight, less shiny, and is subject to frizz due to slow air-drying and possible humidity. A great curl can be achieved without heat, as seen in my Heatless Flexi Rod Set video, but you have to do some extra steps to achieve it and make sure the curl is as smooth, tight, and frizz-free as possible.


%image_alt%My hair styled without heat, using Flexi Rods. To be fair, my hair was previously styled before taking this picture, causing a lot of the frizz, but you can still see that the curls are a bit puffy, frizzy, and undefined. I still loved the results, but the difference is clear. I wish I had a picture of the fresh Flexi Rod set right after removing the rods for a better comparison, but if you want to see the immediate results, you can check out the video!Curlformers are the orange and pink rubber, aerated tubes that come with a hook rod for installation. You’re able to create a barrel curl by placing the hook through the aerated tube, grasping your hair with the hook at the root, and pulling the hook, with the hair, out through the aerated tube, where it will remain until the curl has set. Again, with Curlformers, you can set the hair with or without heat, but the difference is that Curlformers are specifically made for heatless styling. Locked inside the aerated tube with tiny holes, the wet hair is forced to dry flat, evenly, and without frizz. But you can also decide to use heat! Whether you decide to sit under a heated hair dryer to speed the process, or not, your hair dries smoothly, without frizz, and remains shiny. There’s no extra steps or precautions to take while setting the hair without heat, and your results remain consistent every time.


%image_alt%My hair styled without heat, using Curlformers. This picture was taken on fresh hair that had not been styled, but either way, the curls are nicely defined and shiny.Because I’m currently a girl who prefers heatless styling, my clear favorite is the Curlformers! I have tons of videos where I’ve used them to set my curls before styling. They’re just so easy, quick, convenient, and hassle-free. If I used heat styling, I don’t know if my favorite would change or not, I’ve never tried the Flexi Rods with heat before, only heatless. I’m sure setting the style with heat would be much quicker and convenient, but I’ll never know until I’ve tried it! So for now, to answer the question, I prefer my Curlformers for my heatless curling, but Flexi Rods are also a great option… but, my second option.

For those thinking about whether to purchase Curlformers or Flexi Rods, think about what your preference is! If you prefer heatless styling, I’m confident that you’ll have the most success using the Curlformers. But if you don’t mind using heat, maybe you’ll want to save a bit of cash and go for the Flexi Rods instead!

In regards to the price of the Curlformers, I agree, they’re pretty expensive! But it’s a hair styling tool that you can use countless times, over and over again! Similar to a blow dryer or flat iron that can cost between $50 to $200, depending on the features, Curlformers are a one-time buy that will last for years. In my opinion, they’re a better investment than a blow dryer or flat iron because they give you that blown-out/curly look, without damaging your hair with heat! But that’s just my opinion of course, I was pretty skeptical of them too, when I first bought them. I’m not sponsored or affiliated with Curlformers at all, it’s just my honest opinion based on my experience of having used them for over a year now!

So I hope that helps answer your questions regarding which of the two tools I prefer more! Happy styling guys!

Talk to you later!

XoXo Whit

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My main concern with curlformers have been the youtubers who say the curls only last for a few days. Is this the case when you use them or how long do they last? They look great on you of course!

I LOVE my curlformers, and I think they are a great investment. I also have flexirods. I usually set my hair and have to dry under my soft bonnet hair dryer. I don't like having to sleep with either in my head (miserable/uncomfortable sleep). I prefer the curlformers because, my hair is sleek, and much more smoother from root to tip. On the other hand the flexi rod set is not so sleek and my roots gets really poofy. I tried twisting first, then applying flexirod, as well as not twisting first. Yet, even though I get a tight set, I still get a not so smooth look.

I have both curlformers and flexirods. Personally I believe flexirods are too much work. You have to be extra careful as to how you sleep with them in. As with the curlformers they are much more comfortable to sleep in and with less effort you can apply them to your hair.

I used the curlformers after spending time and $$$ on flexirods/wire rollers/magnetic rollers/clamp rollers and the only time I got consistent curls is with the curlformers. I am style challenged and they were easy to install and take out. The curls do last 3-4 days but that is only if you use satin covered rollers to reset the curls every night. I did manage to pineapple on one night but I wouldn't recommend that method often if you want to maintain the definition. Even if you got your hair curled at the hair salon you would have to do some maintenance in order to keep the style so I'm not understanding the first lady's question. Setting your hair with these tools in not like doing a twistout which works with your normal curl pattern. One more thing about curlformers is to get the correct size and amount for your hair type. I took some of my hair money and bought the styling kit along with two starter packs (a total of 52 of the extra long and wide) and they still were not enough. In order to get my type 4 hair from being puffy at the roots I needed to make smaller sections but I ran out. I know it's pricey but to know that I will get consistent results every time is worth every penny! Whew that's long πŸ˜›

Thank you so much for this post. I'm seriously considering asking my family for curliformers for Mother's Day. Now I'm certain. Thank you! You help so many people. πŸ™‚

I think for a shiny curl that holds for a few days, a setting lotion should be applied to the wet hair when using the flexirods. I've seen other youtubers use it without the heat and it seems to hold up the curl better than if you weren't using the product. Sally's has it, but i'm not sure what the ingredients are for those who check those religiously.
"LOTTABODY Setting Lotion Professional Concentrated Formula" You mix it with water and spray it in your hair before you begin to wind the flexirods around them.

I went out and purchased my first package of curlformers this weekend. I LOVE them. Yeah pretty expensive but I believe it's worth it. It's not as time consuming as I thought it would be. If it wasn't for the high humidity and unexpected rain that Charleston constantly has they would have lasted longer than 3 hours.

I'm still debating on flexi rods or curlformers. I think i will wait until my hair gets a little bit longer before deciding because I don't like the way short curls close to my head looks. I don't think the cost of curlformers is that expensive though. If you spend money all the time on repurchasing products it sounds pretty cost effective just to purchase them once for a couple of years of use.

Silly question, but what length/width of curlformers would you suggest getting then? the longest and widest? At least that is what i would figure, unless they would not hold well on short hair… please advise… Thanks!

While Curlformers are awesome and a great investment, I think a lot of people are forgetting that it is possible to outgrow them. I had the Extra Wide and Long Curlformers and my hair outgrew them in less than a year. And when I say less than a year, I mean a few months. I've heard that the company that makes them is in the process of developing a Super Long and Wide for those of us with longer hair. For those of who are in the process of growing our hair, I hope they are at least 30 inches long. They are a great tool for maintaining curly hair.

I've been natural only 5 months now but your videos have been so helpful. Love, love the videos. Your hair has grown beautifully over the years.


that was straight crazy lol ive never seen those things before in my life.

And it came out absolutely beuatiful!

Do you think you'll ever try the long and narrow curlformers? I prefer the way those curls look but I can't seem to find any youtubers with my type of hair/thickness that have tried them. I'm concerned that my hair would be too thick for one pack and I'd have to buy two, or put them in twice in order to "curlform" my entire head. Any thoughts on the subject? Had you already considered this and that is why you chose to buy the wide ones over the narrow ones?


i live eat breathe. curlformers! they saved my hair. the inventor of these should have a nobel peace award for having d most wonderful hair tool invention.


Well, I have the Curlformers in my Sally's checkout box right now for $51 with discounts. I had already watched the updated video last week. This just put the nail in the coffin for me. I am 11 months post BC and do not want to use any heat on my hair. I think these will be a great investment!

Can either of these curling methods be used with dread locs?

I LOVE my curlformers. I've been using them for nine months now. They are the best way to stretch my 4c hair. I can either wear the curls out or I comb out the curls for a super awesome, fluffy afro. They also make my naturally coarse hair very soft. I agree with the other poster who said the inventor of curlformers should get a nobel peace prize. He created peace in my life. I don't have to worry if my hair shrinks after a rainy day. All it takes is a quick cowash and one hour to set my hair. BOOM!

Question now do u keep the hair at night after you used the curlformers ?
I don't know what to do πŸ™

While Curlformers ar awing and a good investment, i believe plenty of individuals ar forgetting that it's attainable to outgrow them. I had the additional Wide and Long Curlformers and my hair outgrew them in but a year. And once I say but a year, I mean many months. I've detected that the corporate that produces them is within the method of developing a brilliant Long and Wide for those folks with longer hair. For those of United Nations agency ar within the method of growing our hair, I hope they're a minimum of thirty inches long. they're a good tool for maintaining nappy hair.

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I Love the Curlformers they are Awesome and I was fortunate enough to have had them given to me by a friend of mine cause her hair was super long I really didn't know if they'd work sense she was Mexican and I African American but I'm sure glad I tried them they've worked wonders on me and my daughter's hair. She gave us the entire kit with all the different colors and sizes!!After finding this site I'm even more happy

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