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How To Get Your Best Twist Out Ever “Natural Hair”

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Hello, I am a huge fan of your work pertaining to haircare, and I have been watching your YouTube videos for a very long time. I just had one question. I have a slightly looser curl pattern than yours and so I find that when I do twist outs, I lose so much body. They end up flat, lifeless, and thin looking. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Whitney, I love this style. Simply beautiful and appears easy to replicate. I just have to get the twisting down pat. lol

Your hair is so beautiful. I seen a video on YouTube by luxyhair … Easy up-do for naturally curly hair. Please do that style.

Girl, I just love your hair!!!
It looks SO healthy, love how fast it grows, I'm actually jalous lol!!!
Anyway really style, do u think u could achieve more or less the same style with small twists???
Keep doing what you do!!!

Hi Whitney..

I love love love this site and your you tube channel!! (You and Felipe r so cute by the way!!!) I just want to start out by saying Thank You so much for sharing your journey and your secrets on caring for naturally curly hair…Like yourself I am first generation Jamaican, and live in Mass..As you're probable aware, there are not too many "true" natural hair care specialist around here…
I only just began my transition from heat damaged press n curl hair about a month and a half ago. I just couldnt take it anymore… and wanted so much to be free from it all. I saw a link to your site/videos on Napturallycurly.com (Another awesome site!!).. I was so intrigued by how beautiful your natural hair is…You guys have truly inspired me to continue with this journey. I cant wait until all the damaged ends grow out so i can start trying some of your styles…
Do you know of any natural hair events coming up in or around the boston area.. Also do you know of any hair care specialist here? I cant find any!!!
Thanks again for all your help.. you could have easily decided not to share any of your knowledge but you did.. and i definitely appreciate it!!


Hi Whitney,

I am a loyal fan of your videos. I have been natural for a year and a half and of all the naturals who have posted videos to YouTube, you were the one that I felt most inspired by. My hair is thick, and curly and I was happy to see someone share tips with hair similar to mine. Your hair is beautiful by the way.

Anyway, I am curious if you use filtered water when you wash your hair? I just switched to a showerhead with a built-in filter a few days ago and there was a noticeable difference in the feel of my hair (and skin as well) after washing. My hair was softer, easier to detangle and the curl pattern was slightly looser. I am interested in seeing how my hair responds with continued use. Hope you mention whether you have tried a filtered showerhead in one of your videos. I hope all is well with you and thank you for your contributions to natural hair care.

Love your hair as well as your videos/tutorials. So inspiring. Keep up the great work.

Question: Does shea butter make you break out? I love how it makes my hair look but I've tried using "Beautiful Curls" products which contain shea butter and these made me break out. Any advice?

Just wanted to say again congrat's to you & Felipe you'll be great parents Watch how you hair grows girl I hope your ready for it . luv u both


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