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Meet Bobble Head! | Naptural85 Vlog

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CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition to the family!!! You're gonna be an awesome new mommy 🙂

Im so happy for both of you and love the Im going to be a Daddy dance. You should def do a getting ready for baby series that would be so awesome. ( i posted this on youtube but there are allot of postLOL) But again CONGRATS

P.S Ticks are the main reason I will not go camping I was going through it with as you described what happened

OMG!! Congratulations to you and Filipe!!! I'm sooo very happy for you both. I've been following you for quite some time now…you've been such a major inspiration and influence on my natural hair journey. I remember in one your video's you mentioned you had no desire of becoming a mother and being pregnant…. so glad you had a change of heart! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Oh Happy Day!!! 🙂 Congratulations to you and Filipe!!! I know you two will make incredibly loving parents. Thank you for being such a positive, inspirational force for so many people. I am praying for continued blessings for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, parenthood and beyond. (BTW…I am sure you have been told….Do not empty the litter box.)

ETA..".What to Expect When You Are Expecting" is an excellent read. It takes you through conception to delivery. There is also "What to Expect During the First Year", which takes you through the first year of a baby's life.

So happy that those ticks weren't serious…..I erased all caffeine except chocolate when I went through my pg's and now I don't eat it at all…doc's orders on that one. Great to see all is well and hope you continue God's blessing safely and can't wait until AFTER you have joined the club and then realize everything is funny even when it is NOT. Keep up the great work and use preggie pops for morning sickness! or just regular ginger tea!

I am so so so happy for you both!!! You are my every week inspiration and I love you so much! All my best wishes for your pregnancy and for the future (I just have a two month old baby and I know how you feel). I already know that you and Filipe will be excellent parents!!!
I am so happy, you make my day!!!

Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I've been in the Naptural85 fam for a while and I LOVE your videos. When I saw your babybump pic on FB I was SO surprised. I felt like my sister or cousin was preggers and was just now telling me. Rude! lol. Anyway, that's really awesome. And cosign to Margaret above. You guys are gonna be awesome, loving parents. Hooray for ya'll!

Congratulations! This is such exciting news. I'm so happy for you guys.

Wishing you both a happy and healthy pregnancy. And if you find it in you … a series on how you handled your hair while expecting will benefit a lot of folks.

Like Margaret suggested – the "What to Expect" series is awesome. Even a book on what to eat when certain foods don't sit well with you.

Congrats!! I'm pregnant too! I'm 19 weeks and 3 days! Btw, I eat 3 eggs every morning for breakfast so you are not alone! Hahaha! When I was pregnant with my 19 month old, there was a bird that would wake me up every morning when I lived in my old apartment complex. It seems like everything is 10 times more annoying when pregnant! Good luck! Parenthood is awesome and you guys will love every moment of it!

P.S. "Active Birth" and "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" are great natural birth reads if you are interested in natural childbirth!

Congrats again. OMG! I love Flippe. He is soooo funny. You two are gonna be the best parents.

1st CONGRATS on the pregnancy…….and happy belated, mommy to be, mother's day:) and 2nd Avengers was AWESOME!!!!!! lol my family and I went to see it and my kids loved it my husband loved it I loved it just an all around great movie but i do agree very long. Anyways you and Filipe are cute together. Its a blessing to meet your soulmate and be in love and now adding a child, BEST feeling ever. So congrats to you both and welcome to the motherhood club:)

Paris 17/05/12

Hello! Congratullation! I'm very happy for you!
Thank you so much for all you do with natural hair!
I just want to tell you if you don't know it; be carefoul with the essential oil for your baby. Ask your doctor to know the one you can use or not on pregnancy!
(sory, my english not very well)

Congratulations!!!!! Motherhood is tough but it's awesome!!! Cherish every moment of pregnancy. Theses memories will be with you always 🙂

Congrats!! Not to laugh at your pain….but the tick episode…priceless. I laughed so hard at how calm Filipe was and the popsicle scene. I would have reacted the same way….most likely cried also.

Congrats! I'm pregnant with twins and have been sooooo sick. Wonderful news. I wish you and your husband much happiness. Thanks for all the tips. They help me so much with my 4B BSL and my 5 year olds 4A waist length hair!

Wicked news!!!
Congratulation & Happy & Healthy 9 months Girl…
Love ur video, really funny!!!

Congratulations! I was watching another video and you showed your baby bump and i thought "wha??? baby bump!??" and went hunting for this video 😛 so happy for you two! 🙂
the tick bit was soo funny. at first i seriously thought you were running from a crazed attacker or something! love your videos and the site!

rotfllllll!!! I love this vid. I don't think Ive ever laughed this hard and for so long!!! I said it on your youtube channel already but Congratulations on the new addition!!! :0) Your family is so beautiful Hugs!

I'm late, but I just wanted to send well wishes to you and the hubby! I'm so glad to hear about the expecting arrival!! Congrats again!!

I watch your YouTube videos faithfully for continued inspiration and thank you for them! Keep up the great work! Also, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Hubby is very happy…the dance was priceless. 🙂

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