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10 Ways to Tie A Silk Head Scarf

Hey Guys!

Summer is right around the corner! Time for relaxed, laid-back clothes, and cute head scarves! Here’s 10 quick and easy ways that I like to alternate my head scarves! Whether it’s to protect the hair from the summer sun, cover unflattering twists, or fix a bad hair day, you’ll be sure to look great this season! Hope you give it a try!

XoXo Whit

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I love all of your videos they are so entertaining and easy to follow. Since I'm transitioning with my relax ends I'm thanking you for giving me new ways to hide bad hair days.

i love to wear scarves…but am not sure that with my twa it will look good. Thanks for the great ideas!

Nice styles! Your earrings are cute and they go well with the scarves!

Loved this video, especially since my hair is getting longer and buns are my current go to on bad hair days/hot days. One question..we're do you get your scarves?!?! I've seen tons of scarves that are rectangular/band style, but no big square shaped scarves! Any feedback or input from anyone would be appreciated! Thanks.

BTW: Congrats on the new baby and Felipe's 'I'm gonna be a daddy dance' is epic! lol

This was great! Where do you buy your scarves? I can't seem to find a place in Washington DC that sells cute scarves.

This was such a great fun video. LOVE the "Chiquita Banana" style. It inspired me to dust off my old scarfs and rock em! Thanks!

Great Video! Thanks for all you do for natural hair, doing it on a budget, using natural ingredients and with simplicity. Your hair site is very refreshing and informative. Congrats to you and your husband.

Ladies, places to find beautiful, big and inexpensive scarves would be Goodwill, Arcs, secondhandand and co-signment stores. Women don't know what to do with them and they are often donated or repurpose to these stores. I hope that helps.

I love your videos. You're an inspiration to all and keep up the good work.

One more time this is an amazing video with very good styles!!!
Could you please create something that could be downloadable? It will be easier for me because I have to see the all video each time I want to perform one of your beautiful style!
Thanks in advance and excuse me for my English, I am a French native!
(hope you understand my request!)
Big hug to you, Felipe and the cutie bobble head!!!

I love this vid! My favorite style has to be the chic pirate. And your scarves are lovely. Thanks for the tips!

How did u get ur hair like thatt ? its looks nicee , can u upload a video?

Can U upload a videeo on how u got ur hair like that in this video?

u r so silly..u crack me up everytime…for real, where did u get ur scarves, they r so cute.

Hello! I'm a 16 year old new natural! With all of the high school activities that I have to keep up with, I don't find much time for my hair(which is short, thick, and quite dull-looking). When I do, I don't know what to do with it! Please email me some advice on what i could do. Thank you so much, and please keep making videos- they're extremely inspiring for me to see how you went from a big chop to the long,voluminous and glossy hair you have now!

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