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My TOP 10 TIPS on Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

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Thanks for this special vid – I appreciate it. I'm about 7 months into transition and not ready to cut off my long, tex-laxed ends. Because those ends coil well when wet, I've been able to employ a lot of the natural hair-care tips and products on the two textures pretty well. Your tips for natural hair have also really helped and encouraged me in managing my daughter's au naturel hair, too! Keep up the good work and best wishes for the new baby!!

I've been natural for 7 months and what's helped me is taking pictures of the styles I like on myself and the ones I master, that way when i'm not having such a great hairday I can look back on my favorite styles to get a pick me up and added motivation to continue on my natural hair journey. Congrats on the baby and hope your little one is healthy! 😉

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