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Summer FuN Curly Fro “Natural Hair”

Hey Guys!

Here’s a cute, carefree style that’s perfect for summer time; the Curly Fro! This fro is stretched and voluminous, and you won’t have to worry about the humidity cramping your style! Hope you give it a try!

XoXo Whit

Reader Comments

Love the style. How long does this normally last you? And do you just put a scarf on it at night or do you pin curl it up?

Love the way your hair came out. I've never been good at pincurls, but I'll have to give them a try. Because of shrinkage I'm not sure if this style would look so great on me yet, but I'm loving my natural journey, and looking forward to more length retention. Thanks for the inspiration!

Your hair type is identical to mine only yr hair is a tad bit thicker in density. I do have some questions tho.
1. How often do you trim/dust yr ends?
2. Do you have many fairy knots?
3. When you feel yr knots on the ends do you clip right away or wait a couple of days/weeks to do it?

I feel so down at times bc I too started my natural journey back in dec 2008 with a BC…..I cut it down to .5" but had so many setbacks I lost count. That being said last Oct. I cut another 2-3" off to start over. Hopefully I will have yr length in another 2.5 yrs. we'll see. But it's almost uncanny about yr hair type/texture bc it's the twin of my hair. The ironic thing is I do have a twin sister which I have no clue what her hair type is now bc she is all relaxer and has been since I can remember. I wish I could send you pics for you to see my hair but don't know how. Anyway thanks in advance for reading and hopefully responding to this comment.

This is soo cute! Can't wait to give pin curls a try :3

You always have the cutest fonts on your thumbnail(?) I was wondering where do you go to get your fonts, please?

Hey darling, I must ask! Why no pregnancy videos???? I believe you may be two months ( or one ???) ahead of me, but it would be nice to see your naptural tastes on things :-). How did u manage to do ur hair when ur body has been absolutely zapped!!!! Any cravings???? Personally I've resorted to wash n go's and naughty snacks smh, but on the flip side my nails are growin like crazy!!!!

tried this style and love it. I have to do better about doing my hair because I will put a wig of in a mintue lol. but since my hair is longer I want to try more styles with my natrual hair.

natural for 26 months

Hello… I was just wondering if u use the Shea butter whip or your daily Shea butter cream for your twistouts. Also do you find it helps to fight humidity and high dewpoints when u seal with Shea butter? About how many pounds would u say you used in your whipped shea butter tutorial? How much Vitamin E can preserve it? One more thing and I'm done for real… Lol how long does your pomade and cream usually last and where do you store it?

I would like to know if you have any suggestions for natural hair that is 65% grey and hard to keep its length or grow? I really do not understand whats going on with my hair I've tried everything. I am 4b 4c hair type, grey (apply rinse in it) but on one side it will not grow but it grows like a weed in the back of my head? Any suggestions?

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