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Baby Bump Golf FAIL! | Naptural85 Vlog

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I didn't realize you're in my area! Sweeet! Just did a big chop this month. If you know of any natural hair events in our area (Greater Boston) please let us know!! And Congratz on the baby. You look AMAZING!

You two are so funny. The babyface was hilarious!!! Whitney you look like a doll and are truly blossoming with the little blessing. Did I hear you say 'she'? 🙂

Hi Whitney,

When are you due? I want to say thank you for all the information that I got from your tutorials and as an added thank you, I would like to send you a custom made Nursing Apron. If you would like one, send me your info and I will make one in your favorite color. Have a great day and blessings to you and the hubby.

Hey whitney,

I want to say congartulations to you and your hubby for the blessing that will be here soon, I also want to ask you have you ever herd of the husband being pregnant with you, It happen to my husband and I he was the one that had all the strange craving and I was looking at you and your hubby on you tube and seem like the hubby is the one thats gaining all the weight and your not . lol

God Bless
Baby Doll

Filipe said "he" and "his"……I'm expecting a bouncing baby boy from you two!!

Hi, congrats on the baby, im so happy for you guys. By the way is Basil single? He's cute, so thought I would throw that out there 🙂
He looks younger than me though…I'm an old lady at 35, single and looking. Wink wink at Basil if he's single, looking, and around my age. Pleease let me know, I would love that lol.


I've been married for ten yrs now and you guys remind me of me and my hubby!!! You two are great together! Enjoy each other and continue to have fun! So happy for you two! And Congrats Mommy to be!!! Our daughter(the one and only child)is 6 and a joy.The baby days go by really fast so take plenty of pics!!

And to FruityPebblez…..if you're old at 35, then I must be ancient at 38..LOL!!! I just knew I was still a spring chicken:)

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