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Swimming with Natural Hair | Protection from Chlorine and Salt

Hey Guys!

One of my most frequently asked questions this season: How do I protect my Natural Hair while swimming in the pool or ocean? Here’s my tips on protecting your hair and keeping it moisturized, all while having lots of fun in the sun! Hope it helps!

XoXo Whit



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I wanted to let you know how inspiring you are 🙂


Hello Whitney I'm an aspiring Graphic Designer & while I find visuals very important & interesting the wilder the better I find that I'm quite muted and simple in my style & that's why I love your site. I am at the beginning of my transition thanks to you. But do you ever question why some creative people appreciate & grasp on to natural form rather than go along with what's perceived as beautiful? I know this isn't much about hair lol but I guess in some ways it is. Thank you for sharing all your hair knowledge.
Kind regards Alisha 🙂

hellooo!! i just want to say that your hairstyles are amazing! the best i have ever seen on the internet!! thank u sooo much for sharing! I wanted to ask you if you could do a hairstyle for people like me who have a HUGE forehead and SKINNY face!!! it s soo hard to make protective hairstyles when you cant pull your hair back. I have tried but it never looks nice and i am tired of doing braids! and having afro constantly breaks my ends a lot. I just want to learn how to deal with my hair in winter times or even everyday time. That would help me sooo much.
thanks again.

Would you please provide some information about hair care and working out. I am in love with Terressentails mud wash. I don't use any other shampoo or conditioner. I moisturize with shea butter mixed with oils, deep condition with honey, oils, and eggs, and I use lots of water! LOL I plan to workout at least four times a week. conditioning and using the mud wasgh that often can be expensive. Rinsing with water still does not combate odor or cleasne well.

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