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My 100th Video! 100/100 Giveaway!!

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I am very excited about this giveaway. I am a fan and your tips have greatly helped me throughout my natural hair journey. I want to say thank you so much! May number is 45.

Would LOVE to win!!!! I live in the Virgin Islands and there's very few companies that ship down here. Number 26….

I always look for you around Central Mass. I am sure I will see you some day. I pick #38.

Happy pregnancy, I just had my little one. I laughed when you struggled to get off the floor…:)

Anyways. Have a safe/fun pregnancy. Cherish those little kicks n hiccups…:)

So excited about your giveaways. My number of choice is 34. I hope to win something. 🙂 Thanks for being such an inspiration. 🙂


My number is #6.
Congrats on 100 videos and the 100k subs! Big accomplishment!

I hope I when the basket There is so much great items inside!! Best givaway since Oprah gave away cars lol =) # 15

You are such an inspiration to women around the world empowering us to "celebrate our uniqueness." My chosen number is 5… Be Blessed 😉

I am torn between so many #ers!!!! Is it the 17th when u made partner, the 8th month when u went natural, the 9th when the twins are due, or the 28th when u passed 100,000 subscribers???? Ahhhh I wanna win the basket. Can I just enter all the #ers between 1 & 100? LOL. Ok Ok Ill choose #eeeerrrrrr 28.

I love your blog and visit your site daily. I would love, Love, lOvE, LOVE to win the basket! The number I chose is 72.

YAY!!! 23!! I already posted my number on your you tube! But I wanted to make sure I get every social network avenue lol!

46! I'm super excited! I'm one of those who can't get a lot of those products while living overseas. Good luck everyone!

This giveaway would be so awesome for me to win! Im a college student and natural hair products are expensive! Your my hair idol 🙂 But my number is #3 ! 🙂

It would be an honor to win some of your favorite products, with that said I choose #27 *fingers crossed* 🙂

I absolutely love your blog – my choice is 56. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

Your videos are soooo inspiring and your hair is beautiful! I would love to win some Shea Butter!

I'm not entering the contest, but the contest motivates me to share this with you.  I'm a natural in Central America and love my hair.  Up until recently it had been a constant challenge to take care of it as I live in one of, if not the hottest state there, getting and remaining in the high 110s for months at a time.  We experience six months of very dry dusty weather and six months of torrential rainfalls.  I struggled with my hair for the first two and a half years of living there, but this year I have had so much more success because of following your regimen.  When I moved there I took along jars and jars of Shea butter and my staple Aubrey organics conditioners which I have been using for years.  When I lived in the states this was sufficient.  However, for Central America I quickly learned that it is not.  Because of not having the convenience of running to a store to get what I lacked for my hair I often felt stuck and frustrated.  After learning of naptural85 I started searching for flaxseeds and the oils used for the fluffy shea butter.  I am able to purchase flaxseeds, though not golden, and have enjoyed the moisturizing effect it has had on my hair.  The oils I have not found there, but the last time that I returned to the states I purchase them, though still not sure if it would work with the two extreme weather conditions.  It worked wonderfully, though i think that I may be adding too much olive oil still.  But I have seen a tremendous difference in my hair in both the dry and rainy season.  So I just want to say thank you for all of your tips.  I'm in the states right now, due to return to Central America in a week and because of having followed your regimen and recommendations with success this past year, this will be the first time that I'm going back with confidence that I have everything I need for my hair and that my hair will be just fine.  

I went on an essential oils buying spree because of your blog,,,thanks for the inspiration. My number is 22

Hey!!!! Thnaks for all the info and videos, I've did my big chop in jan 2011 and my hair is still only like 4 inches in certain spots and maybe an inch in others… I now its terrible but i didn't educate myself at all i was natural for 22 years of my life, got my hair relaxed for my wedding in 2010 and it just started falling out so fed up i just went bald(really) but even before i got a relaxer my hair was breaking, I'm finally on the right track since I've been watching your videos!!! Thank you soooooo much…

Oh and I choose 87….. <<<<the year i was born!

I think it is very cool of you to have alternative ways to enter giveaways other than "liking" on Facebook. Especially, since I don't have or want a Facebook page :0) Great opportunity, and good luck to those who win! My guess is "19." Thank you!


I pick # 7!!

I love giveaways, although I have yet to win one. But I desperately want everything in that basket. Especially the curlformers. 🙂

A friend turned me on to your channel and now I follow your video posts like crazy. You've
made me like my natural hair looking at all of the possibilities! My number guess is 33.
Thanks a bunch

I would love to win the Jojoba oil or some of your whipped shea butter. 55

The curlformers and Terressentials would make my life!!!
My number is 34!
God bless!

I recently did the big chop a month ago and you have really helped me on my hair journey,so i hope by picking the number 85 will make me one of the winners!!!!

my number is 72 … really hope to win because I love your blog so much, you're helping me a lot! now I really love my hair =)

Can I start by saying I love your blog! Please pick me I'm going to guess 89
I'm new to the whole natural hair and just recently did my BC. You have been such great help and I want to say thank you!

#1 … not only is it my favorite number but im a April Fools Baby….

It's gotta be 78!!! Thanks for being such a HUGE hair inspiration! All the best.

Over in Australia we're never able to take part in giveaways so kudos to you!!! My number is 77

Hey Naptural85 I posted my video response on youtube but I am not seeing in show up in the list of video responses, and I tried to do it again and it said I had no uploaded videos which is not true because when I view on another page I can watch it, anyway I hope you get it…. maybe it isn't visible yet in the video response list??? BTW my username is mei27mei there. This a really awesome and generous giveaway!

Hey, this is a pretty good giveaway- is this competition open to people outside the US? Number 47

I would LOVE to win your awesome basket!! I hope you wrote down 7 because that's the number I'm entering! 😀 #7! Thanks for the opportunity!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. My number is 41 and I wish everyone the best of luck.

I first would like to wish joy and happiness to you and your family. I love your hair and youtube clips. My number is 85.

#36. You were my motivation for going natural. I did the big chop 4 weeks ago, and I would absolutely love the gift bag. And if I don't win, thanks for having your channel.

I love my transitioning hair, I hate my transitioning hair but it's mine and I love to see the results of working with it on any given day. The Freedom is great but I sure would like to win the gift basket– now that would make my year, not to mention my hair will love me and you!

I've been natural going on 3 years and I'm still learning to love and embrace my hair. Its not easy to maintain b/c my hair never turns out the way i hope, so it discourages me at times. I thank you for sharing your videos they are so helpful and inspirational. I tried making my own shea butter and it didn't have that same fluffy look as yours, but I'll keep trying. My daughter is 8 years old with the most beautiful thick, long, and curly hair. Both her's and my hair shrinks about 70-75% give or take and at first it bothered her because she can't wear it out it gets dry and shinks, so i started to wear my twist outs more to encourage her to love and embrace her hair, which she has. My daughter loves her hair more now at times would like to see her hair straighten, but her hair texture is so thick and fine (like baby hair) that it won't straighten so i use the curlformer and she loves it. I'm working hard on not being such a product junkie trying, but overall thank you for inviting us into your world of hair and note our (my daughter and myself) number is 83. Peace & Love:)


My number is 19. I love your blog and youtube videos. Your hair is gorgeous!!

I thought i already posted a number but when i looked it showed i didn't anyways… I just found your blog but i already love it, if i win its not only for me but for my sister too!! My number is #46 *fingers crossed*

I just love, love, love, your hair! so beautiful!!!! my basket number is 31.

I hope this is still going on. I haven't checked your blog in a week or so. #14 I want me some curlformers!!!

Hello Naptural85,

I'll try not to bombard you with the how',why's, when's and the where's because I have recently been staying tuned to your videos… and you put it all out there for me to research on my own. But I wanted to say "thank you"! I am new to this whole natural thing. I did the big chop in March 2011 and I must say I had hoped for more length by now, and more ease and manageability, but that's not the case. After watching your video, I must say I am taking on a new approach to my natural hair. I am going to invest the time and money in getting the products you recommend, trying some of the styles, and making my own products. I have watched my enthusiam and fascination grow and blossom more and more since watching your videos. It is nice to see the detail, knowledge, and genuine interest you display in assisting women with similar circumstances with their hair achieve maximum results. You have given me a key ingredient other than patience to do this the right way without it costing me an arm, leg, and a thousand strands daily.

Again Naptural85, thank you! I am a fan. Oh yeah, by the way, I will be staying tuned. I am going to try to keep a journal of my progress so that I can have something to share with you later…Have a fantastic day! and keep sharing the knowledge about going natural, being natural, and maintaining the natural while saving money.

Hi Whitney,

Just wanted to say Congrads on your pregnancy! You were the one who gave me that final push to go natural. Thank you soo much. My number is 60.


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