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Blame It On The Bobbles | Naptural85 Vlog

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Where did you get that black hair dryer in the YouTube video about hot oil treatment? I have been dying for one of those!!!

Bobbles! What a cute nickname! I used to watch my stomach for hours replaying that scene in Alien, or playing the theme from Jaws….
They should have told you you could have drunk that junk with ice, for some reason it makes it much easier.

OMG those things are horrible. I used to be a MA at an OBGYN and we made every MA take one so that they can understand what the patients are going through….plus it was a hazing thing as well. I remember when they made me take it gag…anyway congrats. 🙂

You guys are hilarious! Love you two! You always have so much fun 😉 Thanks for sharing your little munchkin moving inside of your belly. soooo cute. Have a great trip and fun times 😉

– Sarah.

You two are so cute. I am so happy for you both. Watching the action going on in your stomach brought back some special memories of my own. Congrats to you both.

You guys are too hilarious! I'm mad at you not knowing who Rick Ross is. And Felipe, it doesn't make you any less of a man loving the 3B. I love you guy's random vlogs. Thanks for sharing Boggles dance in your tummy. Congrats to both of you

Philipe is silly, he made a shrimp dinner, but didn't share with anyone how it was made… 🙂

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