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Safe Nail Polish Options: Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

Hey Guys!

So a lot of you already know this but… I’m pregnant! Shocked!? Is this new information to you? Lol, no, I didn’t think so… So, yeah I’m pregnant, which means I’ve got another little life form to look after now, and it’s super important, even more than before, to make sure that what I put in and on my body is safe and non-toxic. 

I always make sure to eat healthy and feed my body natural foods, but one of my bigger tasks last year was to slowly overhaul my makeup collection to feature more safe, natural products. While I still don’t consider that task completed (that’s right Filipe, I’ve got more makeup to haul…) I was able to make a pretty nice dent in my collection to feature more mineral-based, natural brands such as Tarte, Korres, and Bare Escentuals, and can now proudly complete an entire face of makeup without fear of harmful chemical repercussion!

However, one area that I haven’t had a chance to replace yet is my nail polish collection! I’ve been collecting nail polishes since forever, and while I knew there were toxic ingredients in my polish, I just couldn’t let them go or throw them out! I would keep buying brands, like Essie and Sally Hanson, because they were easily accessible and the colors drew me in like a moth to a flame. I knew that at some point my love affair would have to end and I would have to bite the bullet and go find some toxic-free polishes, but I was willing to put it off for a little bit longer.


Then I found out I was pregnant and that stopped me right in my tracks. It’s funny how you can love someone so much that it makes you do things for that person that you wouldn’t even do for yourself… and Bobbles isn’t even born yet. But I had to make the change and it had to start now, otherwise, I would have to go the entire summer with bare, boring nails! Pshhha!! So I picked up a couple of different non-toxic brands to try out, some from online and some from in-store, that had to be free of the carcinogenic ingredients: toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde. And of course, I wanted to share what I thought of each brand with you guys! So today it’s all about the Mineral Fusion Nail Polish brand!

I found this polish on one of my weekly Whole Foods trips, tucked neatly away in their little makeup section…and I do mean little! So I picked up my first bottle in the middle of the summer, not expecting to think much of it, but I must say… I reeeally love these polishes! For this post, I went back and picked up a whole slew of Fall/Winter colors, and I noticed that there are so many color options! I was actually shocked, because you usually have to go online to find the toxic-free polishes in the really funky colors, but even when I went to the store in the summer time, there were bright oranges, yellows, pinks, mint greens! This company definitely makes sure to stay on trend with their color palettes, which is definitely much appreciated! Safe and Trendy, who doesn’t love that!?


So like I said, I picked up a bunch of Fall/Winter colors just so you guys can see a little bit of what they currently have to offer! I also wanted to pick up a Base Coat and a Top Coat just to see how they stack up!

Okay, so the first color that I picked up might look familiar to some of you guys. It’s the metallic silver color, called “Cascade,” that I wore in my Florida Vlog and that I have pictures of on my Instagram page! Now I had this color for a while, but decided to finally try it on that vacation. I decided to paint my nails while waiting for our rental car at the airport, and immediately noticed how evenly the color went on, and how quickly it dried!


This color lasted all week, even through swimming in salt water, and without a base or top coat to protect it! It started to chip around the last day, which is pretty incredible! I also want to mention that to get a nice even coverage, I only needed to apply one coat of this polish.

Here are the other colors that I chose that are Fall/Winter perfection:


The Perfect Nude, “Canyon,” also only required one coat for a nice even coverage!


A beautiful stone grey color called “Slate.” This color required two coats in order to get a nice milky finish.


Ugh, my all-time favorite color, “Garnet.” How perfect is this for the Fall!? It’s like the most beautiful deep, blood red color… looks even better in person! This color requires two coats for a nice milky texture.


A rich, deep blue color called “Rockfall.” This color only required one coat.


This deep green color, appropriately called “Mossy Bank,” required two coats. This is the first time I’ve ever tried a deep green color on my nails and I really like how it looks!


And of course, I could not forget the Fall staple, a beautiful, pure, midnight black color called “Obsidian.” This color, believe it or not, only required one coat to get that milky finish!

So as you can see, the color quality of these polishes are fantastic! They go on silky smooth and evenly, and you can even get away with only one coat of polish with some of the colors! The formula is not too thick, not too thin, and they have a beautiful shine to them when they dry, unlike some other toxic-free polishes I’ve tried. Also, they come in a variety of fashion-forward colors, appropriate for each season! When I went back to purchase more colors for this post, I wasn’t expecting to find a whole line of new colors, I thought I would see the same colors that were there in the summer, but they are rotated out for each season appropriately and in a timely fashion! The handle is perfect for applying the nail polish, and the brush fits perfectly in the nail bed! (I know some people don’t really care too much about that, but others do and it does make a big difference in how well you’re able to apply the polish.)


I also picked up a base coat and a top coat, as well as the nail polish remover from the Mineral Fusion brand. The base coat and the top coat are amazing! Just like the polishes, they all dry incredibly fast! After 5 minutes, you’re able to do light activity with your hands without the fear of ruining your nails! The top coat also leaves the nails super shiny! The acetone-free nail polish remover is also super quick in removing the polish off your nails.

All-in-all, I’ve tried a few brands of non-toxic nail polishes so far, and this is the by far the best brand I have ever used! In fact, in my humble opinion, it’s the best brand I’ve ever used period, better than Essie and Sally Hansen! Understandably, the price point is right up there with the top brands in the market, at $7.99 per bottle.


But here’s the thing. While the Mineral Fusion brand is primarily a makeup line, with the products sold online and in stores, the Mineral Fusion Nail Polishes are a Whole Foods Exclusive. This means that you can only purchase these polishes inside of a Whole Foods Store. Don’t bother looking online, trust me, I’ve tried, it’s not there. I spoke to a store clerk and he informed me that the brand only makes these polishes for Whole Foods, to be sold in stores. So while this is awesome because it’s accessible any time we want it, and we don’t have to wait for shipping, it can be a pain if they’re out of a specific color, or if you’re International or in an area where there are no Whole Foods Stores. So, keep that in mind with these polishes. But if you are in an area where there’s a Whole Foods, rejoice! You’ve got a new line of great quality nail polishes that are toxic-free at your disposal! 

So I wanted to hurry and get this blog post out for you guys because this week, Whole Foods is having a sale on the Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Line: Buy One, Get One 50% Off!! So if you wanted to give it a try, this is a great time to do so! I’m not sure how long the sale will be going on, but it started last Monday, September 10th, so I’m assuming you have until Sunday to take advantage. Also, this sale is across all Whole Foods Chains, so go get ’em!

So I’ve got a couple more toxic-free nail polish brands to review for you guys, look out for those in separate blog posts! And as always, I hope this helps! I’ll talk to you guys soon!




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I just found out I'm pregnant. I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow. Wow, I didn't know that even make-up and nail polish could have adverse effects on the baby. There is SOOOO much to learn and watch out for. But it's all worth it. =)

Thanks so much for this post!

Ooooooo, would love to try this polish but unfortunately I live too far from a Whole Foods store. 🙁 Perhaps I'll get a chance when I take a trip home in Houston.

I really didnt know- CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and so happy that you continue to post products that offer non- toxic options. Im not preg but this will be on my next shopping list of must haves. Thks again !!!!

DO you find the Mineral Fusion Makeup line better on your skin cause it looks great!, Thanks for sharing as always!

Hi Naptural85!!! You might also want to try Butter London and OPI. Both are 3 free products and have a HUGE selection of colors (especially OPI) lol.

Thank you for sharing this great find!!! I am working to eliminate toxic ingredients from my life and you have given me (something else to pick up at Whole Foods) a great option! I am in the process of planning/preparing for my pregnancy and I am trying to eliminate as much as possible before it happens… Thank you,thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
I am so excited for you and Filipe, Bobbles is already a great blessing!! (let me get her mommy! I loved that Bobbles was right there reacting and standing with her Mommy!) thank you for sharing so much of yourself! Have a lovely day!

I don't wear nail polish, but I am so excited and I had to tell someone…We are getting a Whole Foods in Virginia Beach, VA! I'm so excited! Congratulations on the pregnancy! I am pregnant also, 21 weeks! And I love your youtube videos!

I was wondering, how long does this polish last you? I'm constantly washing my hands and using oils, so my polish does not last long. I have actually been using gel polish that requires an LED lamp. I'm taking a break from it for a while.

Hey Naptural85, if you haven't already, you can also try Zoya nail polishes. They are Toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde free and at one point they were even allowing you to send them your old toxic nail polishes in exchange for their polishes. I think they still do this from time to time, but I'm not sure. Their colors are great and long-lasting and not expensive. Thanks for this post and congratulations!

I have never heard of this brand. I've been using zoya for the past year or so. I am going to have to give this brand a try with the half off bogo.

You're looking more and more beautiful each day! Also try Scotch Naturals and Priti, I've just bought tons of 'clean' nail polishes after a severe reaction from a different brand. I've also just bought a soy based remover [ after passing out in salon from the acetone one!]

Ulta said their polish is also for of the bad stuff . For the month of September (I think), their polishes are $2.

Congratulations! And thanks for the nail polish tip. I have wanted to try out a gray polish for a while now. What a great price point!! I'm lucky to live within 10 miles of two WholeFoods stores.

Have you tried the Butter line of nail polishes? Love Them!! They are my new "natural" favorites but mostly I only paint my toes in the summer. My hands are always in water or products between my daughter's head and mine so it seems a waste to polish them but these seem long wearing so I may try my hands!


The slate looks like the color that Michelle Obama wore at the Democratic National Convention. Thanks for sharing this resource. I'm definitely going to check this out.

hi! do you happen to know the ingredients to the nail polishes? I did not see a list when I was at whole foods and wanted to compare it to the "no miss" brand they have as well. thanks,

Hello! Please take a look at the hazard rating of your natural products such as Mineral Fusion at SkinDeep.com This is a site created by EWG, the people who gave us the list of the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables. You'll be surprised.

I have used the Mineral Fusion Polish and like how it wears and looks.
Other polishes chip off the tip of the nail bed.
Will definitely get more colors.

You can now get these online at a number of sources: Amazon, Dermstore.com, etc. Whole Foods is having a sale right now 2 for 12 dollars. Starting Wednesday 8/14/13 they have an additional 20% off.

Mineral fusion makeup and nail Polish is sold at Giant Eagle as well.
The Polish is not a Whole Foods exclusive. Giant Eagle sells the skincare
And the hair treatments as well.

I am so grateful that I found this site. I just purchased the nail polish (before doing any research) at the Ulta. One of the clerks stated that it was a new product and that Wegmans carries it. That's all she knew about the product. The nail polish remover was not there; will go to Whole Foods.

I bought my first Mineral Fusion products at Whole Foods in Portland Or. I have since found them at Target. Some Target stores don't carry them but some do. Just an FYI. Thanks for sharing your wonderful post about the product. I love their makeup products and also the nail polish and polish remover. The only thing I didn't find was an eye-liner. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can purchase a safe toxic free eye liner?

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